Monday, July 08, 2013

POLL: Which is the best platform for art videos?

More and more artists are producing art videos - for the purposes of promoting their art or as art instruction - or as I do just simply for sharing what an exhibition or the interior of a gallery looks like.

The Making A Mark poll for July is about finding out where's the best place to put them once you've created a video. In other words, it's trying to identify what most people think is the best platform.

POLL: Which is the best platform for art videos?

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • DVD for sale
  • Something else

You can vote as a video maker or as a video viewer or both.

This is a link to the poll - which you can also find in the right hand column.  It closes at the end of the month and the results will be reported on this blog soon after.

During this month I'll be trying to find out more about:
  • making art videos
  • best uses for art videos
  • software for making videos (next month's poll maybe?)
  • where else videos can be published
If you have any useful information about making videos which you want to share with readers - please leave a comment below.

All my videos are on the Making A Mark Videos Channel on YouTube (see below and link in the side column) - but I'm not sure that's the best place for them - it was just the place which first sprang to mind once I realised they were too long for Flickr!  YouTube made learn how to do channel art in order to do this post!

Making A Mark Videos Channel on YouTube