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8th July 2012: Who's made a mark this week?

This week Making A Mark and I were featured in the Guest Blogger spot on the UK website The Good Web Guide - which likes to characterise itself as "the ‘thinking man’s google’."  If you missed it, here's How To Make A Mark on Art; by acclaimed art blogger Katherine Tyrrell... complete with my best profile shot!

Artists and Art Blogs

Portfolio of Mary Fedden's artwork at the Portland Gallery
Mary Fedden 1915 - 2012
I missed the announcement of the death of Mary Fedden RA age 96 in the third week of June.  She has work in collections all over the world and has been a very popular artist up in the UK. Composition and use of colour kept her work contemporary and avoiding accusations of cuteness.  Here are her obituaries.  I never knew she used to teach David Hockney.
she remained rooted in the European tradition of belle peinture (beautiful painting), in its literal translation: a middle-class sweetness of subject elevated beyond sentimentality by its exactness in drawing, nice judgment of texture and freshness derived from high artifice.
You can see Mary Fedden's artwork at the Portland Gallery 
    Drawing and Sketching
    • Fred Hatt (Drawing Life) has written a great post about Different Strokes - in fact I'd go so far as to say one my favourite type of posts.  That's because....
    In this post I present a goodly selection of mostly monochrome sketches and prints by a wide diversity of masterly mark-makers. I’ll let the works speak for themselves and leave it to you to contemplate the contrasts among them.
    Sault and the Lavender Fields
    16 ½” x 12”, 29cm x 42cm, pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in
    Moleskine A3 size Folio Sketchbook
    • Jeanette Jobson wrote in Taraxacum Duet about her recent experiement was experimented with ideas for printmaking using plant materials  
    Art Business & Marketing
    • Tax matters: I probably need to write a blog post about this, however this is a "heads-up" for anybody who is bartering without any exchange of money.  It's very important to CHECK the tax aspects where you live.  Tax avoidance can have hefty penalties.  If you live in the UK this is what Her Majesty's tax collectors have to say on the subject - Part-exchanges, barters, contras and VAT
    • The RedDotBlog  is a gallery blog which writes about art business issues.  It has recently been running an Art and the Internet Survey which looked at how artists are using the Internet to market their art.  They are now posting an analysis of the results
    Among artists who are selling a high volume of art, 39% had updated within the last week and a full 69% had updated within the last 4 weeks.
    Art Collectors and Art Economy 
    • Souren Melikian has written about what it's like Inside the Mind of an Art Dealer for the New York Times.  It's a commentary on an individual who has chosen to reveal all the transactions which go on behind the scenes rather than in the gallery or auction room.
    Art Books
    • Carole Pivarnik is maintaining a blog Doggitude which tells the story about how she is producing an ebook about humorous dog art
    Art Competitions
    Art Exhibitions and Art Festivals
    Jeanette Jobson's Gyotaku prints
    at the Reflections on Cod exhibition
    Art education
    • The free Drop-In Drawing Session at The National Gallery on 13 July 2012 (18:30-20:30) will be taken by David Gentleman, the artist behind the drawings in the Underground station at Charing Cross.  He will share his techniques for sketching and painting London. Then put it in to practice yourself with drawing in the Gallery!
    • Ann Kullberg and Nicole Caulfield (Nicole Caulfield Fine Art) are going to be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean in February - this link explains the details of another of Ann's regular workshop cruises

    Opinion Poll
    The firm's research arm StatCounter Global Stats says that Chrome surpassed IE for the first full day back in Marchand the achievement of the weekly milestone was widely reported on 21 May.
    and finally......

    Sir Michael Parkinson (who is a legendary chat show host in the UK) told a very funny anecdote at the BP Portrait Awards Ceremony about the other name he's known by - which I happened to capture on video as I was stood right next to him.

    Jonathan Yeo's portrait of Michael Parkinson is in the National Portrait Gallery's permanent collection - see collection entry


    1. haha, Parkinson is great! :) Does he not have a portrait in the gallery yet? He certainly should.

      1. Tina - see the note below the video about his portrait by Jonathan Yeo

    2. Katherine - thanks so much for the kind words and the link! I've never been around here before, but I see I have my work cut out for me, exploring the riches on hand. Claudia's a wonderful friend; I was just drawing her today at Spring Street, the life drawing workshop where we met.

    3. The clip with Michael Parkinson is priceless. One can see that conversation unfolding.

      And thanks for the links and image of the exhibition. It takes me a day or two to digest your end of week posts, so much information in them. I don't know where you find the time to compile it all.

    4. Hi Katherine!
      Love your lavender field piece! Yum! Thank you for the mention of my blog. From that post an idea popped in my head. Why not ask everyone to post about their sketchbook? Therefore I am asking fellow artists to join the peek-a-boo sketch book post. Can't wait to see what will come forward!
      Your information filled posts always blow me away! Thanks for what you do.

    5. Thanks for the mention!! Much appreciated :)

      Claudia "Museworthy"

    6. Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated :)

      Claudia "Museworthy"

    7. Hi Katherine,

      The video clip is so funny!

      I always look forward to this post each week, thanks for looking around the blogosphere and sharing what you find.



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