Tuesday, July 03, 2012

POLL: Do you and your art have a presence on Facebook?

If you've read yesterday's post - Artists on Facebook - The Scope and The Rules  - now is the time to answer the Opinion Poll.

Let's find out how artists and their art are inhabiting and using Facebook - or not - as the case may be

I've got two Polls
  • the first asks about how you use Faceboo for marketing your art
  • the second asks about where you post in facebook
POLL #1: How do you promote your art on Facebook?

The options are:
  • I'm not on Facebook
  • I share but don't promote art on Facebook
  • I actively market my art on Facebook

Making A Mark

Promote your Page too

POLL #2: How do you use Facebook?

The options are:
  • I'm not on Facebook
  • Personal account only
  • Personal account + Facebook Page
  • Facebook Page only
  • Personal a/c, Facebook Page and Group(s)

You will find the July Making A Mark Opinion Polls in the right hand column.

Please share below - via comments - how you present your art, if at all, on Facebook.
This will assist with the analysis and also help other artists understand what people are doing with their art on Facebook:

  • say where you post your art most 
  • say where you are most comfortable posting your art
  • say what the place is on Facebook which generates the most results in terms:
    • feedback
    • sales

The polls will finish on 30th July and an analysis of the results will be reported the next day


K. Henderson said...

I post images under 3 different names. Images are posted on 3 personal accounts, 1 page and many groups. No sales have resulted. I get some feedback. 99% of my posts on my personal accounts are images of my art work, after all, my personal life revolves around my art.

Sophie said...

Isn’t sharing promoting in a subtle way?

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

I'm kind of with the writer above...my life IS my art. I rather live it and breathe it. My friends and family know that, and understand it. So though I'm chattier on my personal account and also share things about our garden or car problems or cats, I also talk about my work.

I DO actively market my work on Facebook, on my Page. But it's fairly personal, too...that's just me.

As to Poll #2, I post my art or work in my personal account, my Page, and in Groups, but I don't market it on my personal account. I DO talk about finishing up a new mini-class or whatever, but...that's my life. It does get a bit blurry.

Kathryn Hansen said...

i mostly post my art on my blog which feeds into my FB fan page.i post all art related things such as films, books, art news, weekend plans on my fan page. i sell mostly through Etsy and on Craigslist...not sure if any sales have come directly from FB. But i really like the format of FB.

pauladrianalcock@gmail.com said...

I think that Sophie's coment hits the nail on the head. I wasn't aware of the rules for using facebook for buisiness purposes so thanks for that! I'm relatively new to facebook altogether and although I've had an account for a little wile now I've only just started posting anything on it and only in the last month and thought to actively use it to promote my work and teaching and generally let people know that I'm here and what I'm doing. I set up a facebook page earlier this year but I havn't really used it. I noticed on my blog that there was a facebook button and was pleased to see that I was then able to post a link to the blog which has attracted a few more readers.

Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

Katherine, your initial post and this poll were both shared on an artists' groups' FB page - just thought you would find that humorous!! Personally, I use FB to stay in touch with friends and family, but I also have a fan page for my studio which I update multiple times each day. I even go so far as to upload photos of paintings in process and encourage my fans to interact and ask questions (I am a daily painter, so I have lots of material with respect to this!). Social media is a HUGE part of my marketing plan, and FB has allowed me to virtually open my studio to the public. Thanks for a great couple of posts!!

Olha Pryymak said...

Thank you for explaining it all in a nutshell. My follow up question to elaborate on the topic of Facebook would be: what are the privacy concerns regarding posting images of artwork on Facebook? How "safe" is that? Who owns the right for them and what are the consequences for us?

Making A Mark said...

You always own the copyright unless you sell it. However your agreement to use Facebook says when you upload your content, you grant Facebook a license to use and display that content.
* https://www.facebook.com/legal/copyright.php
* https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=193430577370347
* https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms (section 2)

Unknown said...

I use my facebook page as a 3rd place my art can be seen quickly (site & blog being others). I usually link twitter to my facebook page promotion of my new artwork.

I post finished artwork equally in all 3 places but on different days & times, promoting as they appear. Facebook page gets the most feedback followed by my blog. However my site is getting more visitors with my latest series of drawings, which could be due to FB page or twitter promotion.

Making A Mark said...

It's struck me that being on Facebook is not enough to get visitors seeing your art. You have to post consistently - and manually not automatically - to generate a steady stream of people who will visit your Facebook page and/or blog.

I also agree posting at a different time to when you post your blog is helpful.

Olha Pryymak said...

Thank you. That's clear enough. Against the advice here though I will stick to publishing most artwork pictures on my site for now. Now, if you post a link from your blog to Facebook, how can you make the picture that comes with that link look bigger on the facebook wall?

Making A Mark said...

You need to post it as a photo rather than as a blog post. I'm tending to post my larger images to my personal account only.

Making A Mark said...

I should add that I'd be very happy to post them for wider viewing but for the fact that I've been taken advantage of a few too many times. Hence I now like to know who can see the larger images.

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