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National Exhibition of Wildlife Art Exhibition 2012: Call for Entries

In 2011, the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art had a record number of visitors, a record number of entries and record sales. Over 18,000 visitors came to see the exhibition at Gordale, Cheshire over 17 days - with 700 attending the Private View.  50% of the work sold - and I know few open art exhibitions that can boast figures like that.

A month ago I highlighted the two Wildlife Artist of the Year art competitions (see Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 - Call for Entries (x2)).  Below you will find a summary of the Call for Entries for the NEWA Exhibition 2012.

Winner of the 
Daler Rowney Award 2011
for Best Watercolour
Bearded Dragon
by Tracy Hall

3.5" x 1.5"
National Exhibition of Wildlife Art 2012: Call For Entries 
The aims of the exhibition are to promote and display outstanding examples of wildlife art from both professional and amateur artists.
The NEWA Exhibition is an open annual competition which has a range of prizes and awards but its main claim to fame is that it sells the most wildlife  art of any exhibition.  All works in the exhibition are also displayed on the NEWA website (you can see the 2011 exhibition - sorted by artistkeyword and catalogue number)

It's certainly an open exhibition that any serious wildlife artist in the UK should be submitting work to.

The Call for Entries for 2012 has been published.  These are the Exhibition Rules and Conditions.

Who can enter?  There are no limits in the rules

Deadline for entries: Application forms must be completed by 6th June 2012 and artwork must be delivered 4-5th July.  Works must arrive at pick-up points before 2 July 2012.

Eligible artwork
The subject matter of the work must include wildlife. Domestic animals, pets, botanical, landscape paintings will not be accepted.  Works printed by the hand of the artist, (screen, woodblock, etching, monotype etc) are acceptable from small print runs.
  • Up to four pieces can be submitted - but the number is determined by the size of the largest piece
  • Work must be original - All work submitted must be the entrant's own work and should not be copies of another artist's work or taken from photographs or published material that is not the property of the artist. Source material must be available on request.  (Note that the Exhibition organisers reserve the right to remove any work they consider contravenes any of the rules)
  • Sculptures must be robust in construction.  Sculptures should be no more than 42ins. in any dimension and weigh less than 42lb. 
  • Framing must be of Gallery standard, with taut cord ready for hanging. No mirror plates
What is ineligible?
  • work which is not original ie work artist must be able to assert copyright
  • work previously shown
  • work which exceeds dimensions allowed
  • work priced at less than £150
How is work judged?

As you can imagine, this is a very popular exhibition and lots of artists try and get their work accepted.
  • Work is judged on its own merits by an independent panel of artists and wildlife experts.
  • Interpretation of the theme
  • Originality and creativity
  • Artistic composition
  • Presentation
  • Realistic Price
A list of artists included in the 2012 NEWA exhibition will be posted on the NEWA website on completion of judging.  

Submitting work
  • Artists submitting work are asked to complete their submission form online and submit it online (This is the Online Application Form)
  • Artists can submit work in person, via courier or via various individuals who operate the local regional pick-ups (fees payable)
  • All artwork must be submitted in a loose bubble pack bag - so that work is protected but slides in and out easily.
  • You have an option to have the NEWA website link to your website (for an £8 fee)
  • Submission costs £35.  £15 is refundable if all your submitted works are rejected
The Exhibition

The 2012 NEWA Exhibition will be held between Friday 13 July and Sunday 29 July 2012 at Gordale, Chester High Road (A540), Burton, Wirral CH64 8TF

Exhibition opening hours will be Monday – Sunday 9.30am to 6pm with a late night on Thursday when it closes at 8.30pm

These are photos on NEWA's Facebook Page of:

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