Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Pastel" iPad sketch as a movie

I'm posting a video of the creation of a sketch using:
The aim was to see if could get the sketch to emulate soft pastels and be created more or less in the same way as I would work if using pastels for real.  Can I just stress I was playing and it was very basic!

[UPDATE: This was originally posted via YouTube but that produces a landscape format for a portrait format video - which was rather unsatisfactory. I've now reposted from Flickr. Both allow you to change the size of what you see on your blog. However the Flickr video format is much better than YouTubes!]

It took some time(!) to work out how to get it posted on the blog but I got there in the end!

To produce the video I had to:
  • download Brushes Viewer on to my iMac (this requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher) so that I could read the Brushes file - which is the animation of the sketch and shows the strokes I made in the order I made them
  • email the brushes file of the animated creation of the sketch to myself
    • by selecting "Mail Actions" from the Share menu at the bottom of the gallery view in Brushes
    • This creates an email titled "Brushes Painting Actions" and automatically includes the relevant file as a compressed file
  • save the file from the email I received on my iMac
  • open the compressed file and extract the brushes file and view using Brushes Viewer
  • export the movie as a .mov file.  Option included size, compression, quality and frame rate (but I haven't investigated how to vary those as yet)
  • view the .mov file in QuickTime Player
  • Upload .mov file to YouTube and Flickr
  • Upload the YouTube movie to Blogger

This is what comes of going to see the Hockney exhibition and watching videos of him sketching plein air using his iPad, the Brushes app and a stylus!

The video is called iPad sketching using Brushes and a Griffin Stylus and you can find it on Making A Mark - the Video Channel

I expect I might be doing a few more of these.........