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8th January 2012 - Who's made a mark this week

I'm starting the first "who's made a mark this week" of 2012 with a summary of your posts about reviews of 2011 and plans for 2012.  The main reason I do this is because I find it absolutely fascinating how people approach these popular tasks.  Take a look and you may find yourself revising what you do at the end of this year!

Some of you combine posts (the "Janus post") and look backwards and forwards - and in that case I've included them in the first section below.

A bust of the two faces of Janus
- the Roman god associated with new beginnings and transitions
Location: Vatican Museum

The Janus Post - looking backwards and forwards

Reviews of 2011

Then we had the more straightforward reviews from (listed alphabetically):

New Year Resolutions

I spotted rather fewer plans for 2012

For those who haven't yet made their plans try reading How to Have the Best Year of Your Life (without Setting a Single Goal)

So much for my intention to write shorter posts - this one in draft had weeks of material in it - half of which I've had to move forward to next week!

Here's the rest.......

Artists and Art Blogs


  • Helen Frankenthaler, the Abstract expressionist artist associated with the colour field movement. has died age 83.   I hadn't quite realised before quite what an important role she had played - this is her obituary in the New York Times 

Drawing and sketching 

Lunch at La Maison Jaune, St Remy de Provence 29 June 2011
11.5 x 16.5", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine Sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Coloured pencils and pastels

Botanical art

Figurative Painting


Plein Air Painting

  • A nice post - with lots of images of paintings - by David Pilgrim (David Pilgrim) about a recent visit plein air painting in Venice.  It's a good time to go if you want avoid the crowds.  Congrats also to David who has had his candidature converted into an Associate Membership of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters - see Associate Membership of the ROI 
  • Another post to add to the "the things which happen to plein air painters!". Sarah Wimperis recounts her New Year Shenanigans on her blog The Red Shoes


  • I'm loving lots of the prints being produce by Amanda Briggs at Dear Ada.  The botanical/plaint inspired ones are my favourites


Street Art


  • I don't normally feature craft blogs - but I think most people know I'm besotted with all matters to do with colour and I couldn't help salivating over the eco dying done by this textile artist on her blog Growing Colour - so do you know what colour Persian loganberries are? 
  • I also love the idea behind this blog - and the fact that somebody has made an art out of Windowsill Arranging

Art business and marketing

Art Collectors 

Art Competitions / Art Society - Calls for Entries

Calls for Entries

I did a major post this week about Major Art Competitions in the UK 2012 - which includes art competitions which are open to international entries.  Besides providing summaries of all the information that is currently available it also links to a couple of sites that I'll be updating throughout the year as more information becomes available:

UK Deadlines for registration or submissions this month include:

I'm expecting the Royal Academy to release the final details about the Summer Exhibition next week.

I've been notified about a couple of international biennial miniature print exhibitions in Canada.  These are

Art Exhibitions

Major Exhibitions in the UK

I reviewed two exhibitions by artists who are painters - which finished today.  I really must try and remember to go to exhibitions earlier.  I'm not a fan of being in the hordes they get immediately after they open - and then I tend to think I have loads of time left........

The Gerhard Richter exhibition was interesting but I personally much preferred the Painting Canada exhibition

David Hockney The Road Across the Wolds 1997
Oil on canvas 121 x 152 cm
Private Collection
Copyright David Hockney Photo credit: Steve Oliver

The marketing for David Hockney - A Bigger Picture exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts (opening 21 January) has started early.  The RA is recommending people book early - including Friends of the RA.

He was on Countryfile tonight giving a preview of the exhibition and showing where he paints and sketches in the Wolds of East Yorkshire. This is the iPlayer link for those who missed it.

I'm hugging my David Hockney postcards - courtesy of this week's Radio Times which also had an item about the Countryfile programme.

The four different covers of the Radio Times this week
showing the four Hockney images on postcards which could be found inside the back cover
- it's the same place in January, March and a couple of dates in April

David Hockney - an artist for all seasons is the interview given to the magazine while David Hockney gives Damien Hirst an art attack is the title of the article in which the 74 year old painter slates artists who relay on aides to produce their work. Many of Hirst’s assistant-made works of art will be on show at a Tate Modern exhibition this April.  Meanwhile Hockney's assistants drive the cars to the plein air location and set up the easel and painting tables.  I'm cheering from the sidelines! :)
A poster for his show at the Royal Academy reads: “All the works here were made by the artist himself, personally.”

Art Society Exhibitions - USA

Art Galleries and Museums


Art education

Art Supplies


  • I don't normally comment on animation or illustration but found The Color Blue in Toy Story 3 by James Gurney (Gurney Journey) to be a very interesting post discussing how colour can be used conceptually - by Pixar in Toy Story 3


  • James Gurney (Gurney Journey) went to see an archivist at the Norman Rockwell Museum and came away with the Archivist’s Top Ten Tips - how many are you observing?
  • Anybody else got any good tips about conservation or written a post about it?


Opinion Poll

Internet, webware, websites and blogging

and finally 

Writers and artists design money fit for modern times - in pictures - enjoy!


  1. Wow Katherine, you've really outdone yourself this week! I read your blog like I used to read the New York Times. That used to take most of a day; this one gives me reading material for the whole week! And thanks for the link to my post--I'd love to join you for a cup of tea too!

  2. Great post, Katherine! Glad you liked my review.

    The David Hockney makes me wonder why I don't look at his art more often. His talent is very evident in this one!

  3. I agree with Jana - this bumper post will be good reading when I take a couple more days holiday this week.
    Thank you for the link to my post.

  4. Dear Katherine,

    Reading your post addressing 2011 reviews and 2012 plans made me think of an article I recently read on Huffington Post. You may have seen it, in this case disregard my note here. If not, perhaps it may be of interest to you. "Twelve Art World Habits to Ditch in 2012" by Mat Gleason is clever, unabashed and somewhat controversial. Certainly an interesting read:

    I would be curious what are your thoughts on topics he addresses, if you find it worth your time to write about it.


  5. Hi Alex - take a look at the first article in the Art Business section - it's already listed!

    It's also a very good article

  6. Aw... how silly of me... I must have scrolled right over it...

  7. Easily done - this was a long one!

  8. Great post.

    I must remember to call next years post "a Janus post" my last 2 year's review/resolution posts have had boring titles.

  9. Thanks for the mention.

    Another excellent compilation - thank you for all you do for us artists. It is much appreciated.

  10. Thanks so much for including me on your list!!! Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Katherine,
    Well, I've started the new year by getting behind in reading blogs I follow, and this post is long!

    I did not do a post on 2011/2012 but have plans/resolutions like we all do. Starting with rethinking my studio. Not a new one, not completely redone, just a quick revamp to tailor to current needs based on 2011 and in anticipation of 2012.

    This is more realistic and will allow me to not lose momentum instead of (far too grand) plans that will slow down making the art.

    Maybe you have done posts on this?

    Funny you mention PinInterest... I discovered it only when someone pinned my art (Thank You). It seems to be new.

    BTW Thank you Katherine for the link on your "The Art of the Landscape" blog. I began noticing hits from that url.

  12. I love the image of Janus - a good stoney start! Thankyou very much for including me in this brilliant post (I feel hugely honoured - and to be the first sculptor!). Thankyou for all your help and the inspiration given through this blog.


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