Thursday, December 01, 2011

POLL: Do you create Christmas products from your art?

For the last two Decembers I've had seasonal opinion polls for art bloggers (see links at end).  This year the poll asks the question Do you create Christmas / seasonal products from your art?

Here are the response options - and you can choose more than one if appropriate:
  • Yes - I create original art with seasonal theme
  • Yes - I market prints with seasonal theme
  • Yes - I create and sell a calendar
  • Yes - I create and sell seasonal cards
  • Yes - I sell gift vouchers for commissions
  • No - but I do increase my marketing efforts
  • No - no time to create and market products
  • No - not the way I want to sell my art
Merry Christmas Hares by Jeanette Jobson
By way of example, Merry Christmas Hares is one example of the great images created by Jeanette Jobson (Illustrated Life) which she is marketing via FineArtAmerica as an image for a variety of products - including a Christmas card and print.  She's also produced a 2012 Calendar which is available from from Jeanette Jobson Fine Art.

If you'd like to highlight any seasonal offerings you've created (with a seasonal theme), please highlight these in the comments below.

As December is Making the Mark Awards month - and hence very busy for me - this poll runs for just two weeks and will finish on 14th December and will be reported on the 15th.

You can find the poll just above "For Your Information" in the right hand column.

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