Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introducing The Making A Mark Awards 2011

Welcome to the sixth year of The Making A Mark Awards 2011.   Over today and tomorrow I'll be publishing five blog posts (see below) identifying which art blogs have won the following awards in 2011.

(My apologies to those who don't like more than one post a day - now you know what's happening they are you can now choose to either open or ignore them!)


Since 2006, the aim of the Making A Mark Art Blog Awards has been to identify:
  • excellence in blogging about art and artists; and 
  • the art blogs which set high standards and are the most influential.
The awards are organised as follows

Generating Art - TODAY
Getting Out of the Studio - TODAY
Learning about Art & the Art Business - TODAY (if possible)
The Home Front - TOMORROW
Best Picture of the Year 2011 - TOMORROW

See VOTE for the Best Artwork on an Art Blog in 2011 - you have until 6am tomorrow (GMT/London) to vote for your favourite.
  • Nature
  • Still Life
  • Landscape/Place
  • Portrait/Figures
  • Overall Winner - most votes
The first award announcements follows shortly.

This page on the Making A Mark website also references every award, everybody who has been nominated, all the nomination posts and all past winners.

If you keep an eye on this you'll see the nominees for 2011 - including my nominations - posted throughout the day.


  1. Hi Katherine,
    I would like to nominate Deborah Paris's book called "Studio and Business Practices"for best book by an art blogger. A very useful book.I hope it qualifies. The copyright date is Nov. 2010. Here is a link.

    Thanks for all you do. This must be an enormous job. You must know everyone looks forward to seeing it. happy new Year!

  2. In effect I'm closing nominations at the point at which I begin to write about the award - so
    * yes you're in time
    * yes it counts


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