Saturday, December 03, 2011

Making A Mark on Art

Today I published a new website which provides you with one bookmark to over 75 websites that I've created in the last five years as "Resources for Artists".  

[August 2016: This post is now out of date as material is being moved to new sites. 

  • New links have been inserted
  • Links to material which is offline have been removed]

These websites started life as

  • my bookmarks of interesting websites for topics I was or continue to be interested in and/or
  • developments from projects which started here on Making A Mark and/or
  • topics stimulated by reader comments on this about practical art-related issues 

You can access Making A Mark on Art any time by

  • clicking the big M pic in the side column (like the one on the right) - under the heading Resources for Artists - One Bookmark.  (Those who follow me on Twitter will recognise the letter M as my favicon for this blog and my Tweet account)
  • Or you can bookmark the URL somewhere handy - such as your blog!

This is the Table of Contents from Making A Mark on Art

*** ART BASICS *** - will reappear on a new site. Sites which will transfer are listed below

*** ART MEDIA & ART SUPPLIES *** - will reappear on a new site  Sites which will transfer are listed below


    *** THE ART BUSINESS *** 
    • - TRANSFERRED see all the topics below on Art Business Info for Artists 
    • The Art Business
    • Copyright, Intellectual Property & Orphan Works
    • How to tell people about you and your art
    • How to be professional when presenting your art to clients
    • How to Sell Art Online - see Email Newsletter Software - A Guide
    • The Artist's Estate



    Included amongst the websites are a couple of other compendium sites which some people may find useful and also want to bookmark.
    • The Art Booklist - links to all my websites about art books.  This one is particularly helpful for all those who'd like to add some art books to their Christmas wish lists! ;)
    • How to Make a Mark - links to all my "how to" websites
    Why not take a look - you may spot a resource you've not seen before!

    You may also have written an article or post which could be a useful addition to one of the websites.  Do leave a comment and URL on the relevant site if you have a suggestion.

    I'm also open to suggestions as to what the next project should be re developing a new site. I've got more than a few on a list - but which one I do first is very often dictated by discussions with others on the Internet

    So do tell me what you think!

    PS  Has anybody else got problems with the Feedburner widget count of blog subscriptions on their blog?  It's reset itself to zero on all my blogs and the feedburner dashboard.  I've picked up some references to it happening to other people too but wondered how widespread this glitch is.

    1 comment:

    1. Katherine,
      Nice job on the 'Bookmark' site. It's great to have it all in one place.
      It's a lot of work to maintain the amount of info you provide and as it expands to it's only more, not less work.
      On your PS... I don't have the feedburner widget but have been having problems with both the 'Blogs I'm following' list in dashboard and the followers gadget/list on my blog.

      In dashboard it does not always show all blogs I follow, (specifIcally the last 3 I joined), until I hit the 'refresh' button 3-5 times, then they reappear.
      I then wonder what others see (or don't see) in the profile page under 'Blogs I follow'. Does it do the same? Are 3 missing part of the time?

      The other issue... the gadget shows a different 'All Members' count.
      shows 37, click 'next' it shows 34, the math doesn't add up.
      Sometimes the followers avicons fall off or don't show until I 'refresh' several times, at least from my view. Don't know for sure what are others seeing when visiting.

      It bit more problems than that but that my short answer.


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