Saturday, September 24, 2011

Translating and Updating an Artist's Statement

Here are three links to some sound resources for artists who are pondering on How to Write an Artist's Statement
An Artist's Statement is essential - but lots of artists dread writing a statement about their art!
First a video - which deals with the translation aspect of the language used in an artist's statement by Charlotte Young (Today I made Nothing), a UK visual artist

UPDATE - Video #2: Ilaria highlighted another video in the comments and this is also worth taking a look at - yet another artist having an ironic view on the topic of constructing an artist's statement].

Second - a very sound proposition from Joanne Mattera (Joanne Mattera Art Blog) which is recommended reading - Marketing Mondays: Rethinking the Artist’s Statement

Finally - an article by Carolyn Edlund on Artsy Shark which neatly summarises 6 Ways your Artist Statement can Work for You

All of these links have been added into my very popular resource How to Write an Artist's Statement [updated link] which attracts huge traffic round about the time fine artists graduate - but there's no reason why students should not look at it earlier in the academic year!

Below you can find what it covers - click one of the links to find out more (this section has been updated and revised for new links on the new website)

After that, you might find it useful to take a look at How to write an Artist's Resume or CV (revised and updated link)