Sunday, September 11, 2011

11th September 2011 - Who's made a mark this week?

Tribute Art and 9/11:  Healing Through Artistic Response
Art created in response to a crisis or tragedy can be used to:
We've always known that art can provide a means of creating public memorials.

Yesterday the new National September 11 Memorial at Ground Zero was dedicated and tomorrow it opens - 10 years after the events in the USA on September 11 2011.  This is a link to the website for the 9/11 Memorial.  Click this link to an animation about the new memorial which illustrates how the footprints of the twin towers are marked out forever.

 However art can do a lot more than that.  It also provides a way for people to express their own emotions and feelins and personal tributes and for communities to rebuild.  See the webpage about Tribute Art & 9/11.  This includes a Resource Pack for Educators
In the aftermath of the attacks, many people chose to respond through a range of artistic channels as part of the healing, recovery, and rebuilding process.  In studying these responses, we learn how art is not only a means for self-expression, but can also serve as a vehicle for community-building and personal growth.

I was also very impressed by the power of photography and the photoessay created by the New York Times of the The Towers Rise and Fall. Some bloggers have also been marking the passing
Now for the rest of what I noticed last week....

Art Blogs and Artists

News of fellow art bloggers in Texas

The bad news on the house and studio front in Texas continues.
Unsurprisingly both artists now have to find a new house and are thinking very hard about moving away from the area - and what has been an extreme summer heat (3 months of over 100 degree temperatures) which inevitably must continue to bring the prospect of more wildfires in the future.  If it were me in that situation I can only say I'd be thinking very much along the same lines...

Drawing and Sketching
Saussure's cyanometer

Landscape Art
  • Take a look at Sherrie York's Fieldwork Fridays on her blog Brush and Baren.  Do If your subject area is the natural world do you make regular time for fieldwork?
Public Art

Art Business & Marketing
Art Collectors and Art Economy
Art Books
  • I posted Makingamark's Top Ten Art Books in August 2011 very late this month - in part because of the loss of functionality due to the changes in the Amazon website.  Triangulation has just become very taxing!  Some very interesting new books were published last month - see The Best NEW Art Books - which has been revised and updated
    • Did you know there are 74,660 e-books about fine arts that you can access via the World Public Library?  Mind you there access routes could do with some improvement!
    Art Competitions

    Autumn is always an important time for the major art competitions in the UK - so there's lots to announce this week!
    Plus in the USA, entries are now being accepted for the third Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, to be held in 2013 (see my post >The Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2013 27 Jul 2011)

    For more information about art competitions generally see Art Competitions in the UK - Resources for Artists

    Art Exhibitions

    Major Art Galleries and Museums
    In 1961 the Whitechapel Gallery held the first solo show of American artist Mark Rothko in Britain
    Constable's paintings and drawings of Salisbury and its surroundings have figured in every major overview of his work, but they have never, until now, been considered as a subject complete in itself. 
    Regional Art Exhibitions
    Art Societies / Group Art Exhibitions
    Florum 2011 - part of the exhibition
    Art Bloggers and featured artists (only if I know you or your blog!)
    • Angus McEwan RSW ARWS's watercolour paintings can be seen at a new exhibition at Gallery Q.  Click all the links and you can get to the paintings on exhibition.
    • Both Tina Mammoser and Deborah Paris will be exhibiting at the upcoming Blackheath Gallery's Autumn Exhibition 24 September - 28 October 34a Tranquil Vale, Blackheath London SE3 0AX.  I'm not quite sure why the gallery has not yet worked out the wisdom of also having a web page for the NEXT exhibition!  Tina will be showing all of the new Vertical cliff paintings 
    • Stapleton Kearns (Stapleton Kearns) has been answering questions about design and composition
      • this one is about how you stop your paintings looking like postcards - No postcards please.  Good advice
    Put the house into the landscape rather than the landscape around the house
    Opinion Polls
    • A lot of you have been actively responding to the latest Making A Mark Opinion Poll in the right hand column.  If you've not yet responded please do.  Results to date have certainly prompted some thoughts for the commentary at the end of this month  when I report on the outcome.
    Art Supplies
    and finally......
    The Observer has an article about how doctors have uncovered murder, syphilis and all manner of ills by making 'ward rounds' at the National Gallery - see The fine art of medical diagnosis.  
    Next time you go to a gallery you'll be looking at the art with a whole new perspective!


    1. Thanks so much for sharing my new website Katherine! I am determined to make it way past the 3 month mark!!!

    2. Once again thanks for all the information, I particularly liked reading from your link to the '55 Tips to get re-tweeted on Twitter' by Pam Moore, Marketing Nut. I never get re-tweeted, now I know why!
      Pauline Little

    3. Thank you for thinking of us in Bastrop. Our home was among 1600+ homes destroyed. We are more fortunate than most as we had "stuff" with us and do not have to worry about school, work and such. We will stay in the area. The community has lots of heart and are pulling together to help all. It was great to hear from you. Thank you.

    4. Jo - good to hear from you. Do keep in touch about how things progress.

      Good to also hear your local community in Bastrop is providing lots of support for those who have lost their homes.


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