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6th March 2011 - Who's made a mark this week?

Over on A Postcard from my Walk you can see a slideshow of the sketches painted and sent from around the world in February in a Gallery of PostcardsRonell Van Wyk (African Tapestry) created it (and has also been the driving force behind our new project) and so I've included it again above. The postcards posted the last week of February have just started to arrive......

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching

    Coloured Pencils and Pastels
    • Great advice from Stapleton Kearns (Stapleton Kearns) about Finding subjects in the landscape
    • I'm also continuing to enjoy Phillip Koch (Philip Koch Paintings) and his posts about landscape painting - particularly this one Fighting the Headwinds which includes a photograph of Edward Hopper's Truro, Massachusetts studio and a sketch by Hopper of the same view 
    • Bridget has just bought one of ArchieSutter's paintings at a group exhibition she is in () Archie Sutter Watt RSW lived in Dumfries and Galloway and was a well known artist.  He died aged 90 in April 2005 - but his website lives on.  
    Painters and Painting
    Portraiture and figure drawing

    Art Business and Marketing
    Art Competitions and Art Societies
    Art Exhibitions and art fairs
    Jean-Antoine Watteau
    Three Studies of a Young Girl Wearing a Hat, c. 1716
    Red and black chalk, graphite on paper
    138 x 246 mm
    Collection of Ann and Gordon Getty

      Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques 

      tips and techniques
      Art Galleries and Museums / Art History
      This major exhibition is the largest survey of Pre-Raphaelite drawings and watercolours ever staged.
      Art Supplies
      Arcobaleno Pigmenti de Nube Massimo, Venice (the pigment shop)
      photo copyright Katherine Tyrrell - all rights reserved
      Art Videos
      • I was really surprised to find this video and recommend you take a look Watch Andrew Wyeth paint Thomas Hoving
      • I had an email recently about a live streaming broadcast of a demo.  Now given the Internet works on a global basis there's a fair chance that somebody will be asleep while it's streaming.  It would be so nice to see a link to a video replay loaded to YouTube when you click the link rather than just seeing a screen telling you the broadcast has finished!
      Book reviews
      • My two regular monthly updates re who's reading which art books  are listed below. 
      • I have to announce as a result of writing my own post I ended up downloading Kindle for Mac to my iPad and then a new ebook!  I am now reading  Powerful Watercolor Landscapes: Tools for Painting with Impact by (Catherine Gill) on my iPad
      • Guess what?  There'll be a post about reading artbooks on iPads and Kindles coming up soon.  I'd be very interested to hear from Kindle owners who have been reading art books.
      • Alyson Stanfield also asked what her readers were reading and got this answer - What Artists Are Reading Now
      Opinion Poll
      Websites, webware and blogging
      • Am I the only person totally fed up with the way the thumbnails have disappeared from the blogrolls of Blogger blogs?  Or is it just me who can't see them anymore?
      • I'm becoming an increasing fan of the iPad for digital sketching/art purposes.  However this week we got the update - so if you want to know more try Learn about the new iPad 2.  Apparently both laptops and netbooks are being hit very severely by the expansion in tablet type tools.  I'd expect prices to start dropping very soon.
      • Google Docs - just got a whole lot of new stuff under the bonnet
        • see what's new (UK version)
        • Image drag and drop: If you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari you can now drag images from your desktop and drop them directly into a document. Learn more
      and finally........

      Don't forget I've started adding a page break to posts so that they load faster - but it does mean you have to click when you get to the bit where it says Read more >>


      1. loving the postcard project, what a lovely collection already!

      2. Thanks for the mention and links Katherine! Ill be pouring over your How to Sketch page to pick up some tips to pass along...

      3. it's just you I think - mine are still there (thumbnails)

      4. I love the postcard project and the display. I'm also not seeing all of the thumbnails in the blogroll, just some. Go figure. But I'm not always good with the technology anyway!


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