Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fancy painting in Provence in May?

It's really sunny here in London today and my mind turns to where I'll be in three months time! :)  (see My Postcard from Provence)

However, I heard from Ruth yesterday that she and Julian still have two weeks free for people to rent - between 15th - 28th May.  That's unless you can offer a house swop option very near to Garsington in Oxfordshire where Ruth is going to be playing cello in the Garsington Festival!

Poppies in Provence in May - photo copyright Ruth Phillips
If you like the idea of drawing and painting in Provence you'll find the poppies are all out and the vegetables are wonderful.

Or maybe you like the idea of just taking having a nice break from the rat race in the Vaucluse, which is a very rural part of Provence at the foot of the Mont Ventoux.

If either of these appeal, take a look at these details and, if you're still interested and the dates (last two weeks of May) work for you, contact Ruth Phillips (Julian's wife) via her website (details below)

You will however need to like Julian and Ruth's three cats a lot as they're not going anywhere!

Three cats go walkies in Provence
photo copyright Ruth Phillips

I have to say we're all VERY excited at the prospect of our painting house party in June.  If you want to do something similar why not get in touch with Ruth?  These are her contact details.

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  1. This is such a great idea that I'll file it away for another year - this year's travel plans will most likely keep me on the other side of the pond. I wish you a great journey, Katherine, with as much relaxation as great and joyful art!



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