Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Postcard from Provence

....will be winging its way to Travels with a Sketchbook this June!

This summer, I'm renting the home of Postcard from Provence painter Julian Merrow Smith and his wife Ruth Phillips (Meanwhile, here in France......) for three weeks in June while they visit England.  I'll be packing and getting ready to set off in exactly three months time!

Rousillon and the Ochre Cliffs, Provence
Coloured Pencil 8.27" x 11.75"
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

However the really good news is I won't be on my own! 

At long last I'm achieving a long held ambition and will be going on a painting holiday with no tutor - just good friends.  The house party will include Sarah Wimperis (Muddy Red Shoes in Cornwall), Robyn Sinclair (Have Dogs Will Travel from Tuscany) and Ronell van Wyk (African Tapestry on the Loire) who will be coming and going at various times.  We're hoping to have all four of us there at least some of the time.

We are anticipating much sketching and painting of landscapes and enjoyment of good French food and good company.  We might also find time to visit a vineyard and try a glass or two of the local vintages.

We're certainly going to hunt down some lavender fields which should be about ready to peak!

House and Lavender Field - by Julian Merrow Smith (June 2009)
I'm also looking forward to going back to places - like Rousillon with its ochre cliffs - which I first visited when painting in Provence some 20 years ago.  (Did I ever tell you all about being filmed by the BBC Holiday Programme while painting? No?) 

A postcard from my walk in Provence!

This all means I get to take A Postcard from my Walk to the next level - the international postcard drawn in another country and really posted abroad! :)

It'll be fun to do postcards sat in a French field with fellow postcard exchange enthusiasts Robyn and Ronell and to sketch water with my Watermarks compatriot Sarah!

I'm going to start writing about plans for the trip over on Travels with my Sketchbook in the near future so if you haven't subscribed yet now might be a good time to sign up!

Postcard from Provence
One of my very favourite blogs - and probably the reason why I started getting into blogging - is "Postcard from Provence", a diary in paintings.  
You can see what June looks like in this particular part of the Vaucluse Departement of Provence on Julian's website which may well act as our guide to finding places to paint!.  See the last six years of paintings in June in June 2010, June 2009, June 2008, June 2007, June 2006 and June 2005.

If you've never been able to secure one of the paintings, you can still have your very own bit of Provence with Julian's wonderful book Postcard from Provence: Paintings by Julian Merrow-Smith.  I've already got a copy (and you can read my book review if you click the last link below)!

My previous posts about Postcard from Provence - for those who have not read them before - can be found here:
Meanwhile - back to surveys of Julian's paintings and Ruth's photos of Provence in June! Suggestions for places to see/do are also most welcome.

I can't wait!

[Note:  There will be more updates  on Travels with my Sketchbook on plans - between now and June - and about "being there" in June.]


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

How exciting! Can you see the warm glow of excitement I'm feeling with you that's slightly tinged with jelousy? I look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing the wonderful work that it produces.

('scing' is the word verification, which I think sums up nicely the tone of your post.)

Mona Diane Conner said...

Katherine, it sounds like a dream! Enjoy!!! (Plus something to look forward to in the meanwhile!)

Casey Klahn said...

That is quite an event planned! I have a feeling it will be live blogged, and I look forward to reading.

Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

so very, very jealous - what a wonderful trip. Can't imagine it being any more perfect!! enjoy what you have worked so hard to achieve!!

belindadelpesco.com said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing... and what good company you'll have! I hope you post photos of your gatherings as well as art from your painting & drawing excursions. And I bet Julian & Ruth's cats will be glad for all the hands to pet them. Yayyy. :)

Sarah said...

excited? Yes I am... already researching what I can and cant take on a air plane!

Sherrie York said...

Ah, what an adventure and with such an amazing group! I'm green with envy, but delighted for all of you. Send postcards!

Shirley Fachilla said...

This sounds absolutely marvelous. The only thing better would be if Julian and Ruth didn't leave but stayed with you all. Like you, I find Julian's paintings and his blog inspirational. And though I only know your companions through their blogs, it sounds like a wonderful group. Hope you manage to post often.

ruth said...

well i have to admit i'm beginning to think i wish we werestaying around too!

loriann signori said...

Sounds like so much fun! Lucky you!

Robyn Sinclair said...

It had crossed my mind that it would be wonderful if Ruth and Julian could hang around for our stay :)
I'm breathless with excitement knowing this will be one holiday where I will get to unpack my art supplies.

Dermott said...

Pffft. I've spent 11 years under the same roof with Signora Sinclar.

Or maybe it's been three weeks that feels like 11 years.

I say no more.

Dermott said...

Pfffft. I've spent 11 years under the same roof with Signora Sinclair.

Or maybe it was just three weeks that felt like 11 years.

I say no more.

Unknown said...

Wow-that sounds great!!! Can't wait to hear of the inspirational explosion that this trip will bring!

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