Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favourite Coloured Pencil Brand - 2010 Poll Update

Your favourite coloured pencil - an update over on Making A Mark Reviews...... provides a perspective on the popularity of different coloured pencils from the perspective of the 551 people who have voted on the Making A Mark 2010 POLL: Which is the best brand of artist grade coloured pencil? on Coloured Pencils - Resources for Artist since the beginning of January.

The disaggregation of manufacturer brands into pencil brands has been interesting and may surprise some artists.  Prismacolor Pencils are NOT the top brand of pencils in 2010.

The post provides some suggested reasons for the differences between the earlier poll (see Two new coloured pencil opinion polls for 2010 ) and this year's.

But what do you think?  Read the analysis first (relating to technical sampling issues, marketing, and pricing) and then tell me if you think there's another reason behind the changes.

Below are the two charts from the first poll and the 2010 poll.
OPINION POLL 2007-2009: Results as at 31st December 2009

2010 POLL: Which is the best brand of artist grade coloured pencil?


Linda Roth said...

I'll have to try the Castell Polychromos. I've been using Prismacolors for years and then, for some odd reason, tried Derwent. They are awful--they're too soft and do not sharpen well. The price of art supplies is not a factor when I'm purchasing; quality and performance is--also packaging. I liked Prismacolor for the pop up easel box and instant view of all the leads.

Making A Mark said...

The Prismacolor packaging has certainly been very attractive in the past - however it's the performance of the pencils which really matter.

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