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ING Discerning Eye 2010 - selected artists

2010 ING Discerning Eye - the selection process
If you want to see work by the artists selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in November click the links below.
Sponsored by ING Commercial Banking, this is an exhibition of small works independently selected by six prominent figures from the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics. 

This is a list of the selected artists PLUS a link (where I could find one) to what I think is a website which represents their work.  Please do get in touch if I've got any wrong and I'll revise accordingly.

John Affleck    
Paul Allen
Margaret Ashman
Stephen Avery   
Debbie Ayles 
Richard Baker
Louise Balaam    
Fay Ballard   
Andy Barker   
Jeanette Barnes    
Mychael Barratt   
Robert Bates   
Nicola Bealing   
Barbara Beaumont   
Katharine Scarfe Beckett   
Anne Birtchnell   
Hannah Biscombe    
Ilse Black
Day Bowman 
Richard Brayshaw  
Anthony Broad  
Oona Campbell 
George Charman 
Michael Clark  
Austin Cole
Graham Crowley
Sally Cutler 
E Davis
Anne Desmet
Leo Du Feu
David  Edmond
Michael Edser
Hilary Ellis
Gethin Evans
Peter  Foster
Jo Fox
Atsuko Fujii
Susan  Fynes
Stephen Gibbs
Kate Giles
David Gladwell
David Gould 
Carolyn  Gowdy
Emily Gregory-Smith
Nicola  Grellier
Nigel Grimmer 
Roxana Halls
Alex Hanna
Arabella Harcourt-Cooze 
Peter Haslam Fox
Julie Held
Aude Herail Jager
Joan Hickson
Eileen Hogan
Kaori  Homma
Marguerite Horner  
Felicity House 
Linda Hubbard
Sally Hunton
Brian Innes
Diana Ivers
Barbara Jackson 
Poppy James 
Frederick Jones  
Mary Jane Jones 
Jane Kelly 
Odile Kidd
Martin Kinnear
Maggie Kitching  
Sue Lansbury
Felix Le Brox
Peter Lennertz 
Rachel Levitas
Rosemary Lewis
Kathy Little
Shirley  Lloyd
Keren Luchtenstein
Marie Mackay
Briony Marshall
Lyndsay Martin
Brian Massey
Caroline  McAdam Clark
Jennifer Merrell
Pam Meymon
Michael Middleton
Christopher Miers 
Bethany Milam
Melanie Miller 
Sophie Molins - has a very different sort of website! 
Christopher  Moon
Anthony Murphy 
Tony Noble 
Venetia Norris
Kelly  Parish
Hildegard Pax
Penny Payne  
Heather Pegrum   
Deborah Pennack
Beegrant Peterkin
Julie Pickard
Elizabeth Picton
Danny Pockets
Jenny Pockley
Yulia Podolska
Tim Pomeroy
Caroline Ponsonby  
Kelly Pretty
Olha Pryymak 
Susan Relph
Sara Lee Roberts
Alice Robertson
Ann Roy
Sharma Roy Jhuma
Patricia Rozental
Rose Sanderson
Philippa Schofield
Angela Smith
Art Louis Smith
M Simon Smith
Carolyn Smith-Shaw
Nicki Soroli
S Spackman
Fianne Standford
Charlotte Steel
Mia Stewart Wilson
David Stubbs
Graham Swift
A Lincoln Taber
Jacqueline Taber
Michael J Taylor
Susan Taylor
Joy Thompson
Anabel Tilley
Inge Tong  
Delia Tournay-Godfrey
Will Tuck   
Stephanie Tuckwell 
George Underwood
Sheena Vallely
Tina Vanderwerf
Alex Rooney  
Aude Van Ryn / J.Mariko 
Marcus West 
Toby Wiggins 
Allan Williams
Susan Angharad Williams (former winner)
Lee Wright
Simon Wright
William Wright
J Yuen Ling Chiu
Xiaojun Zhao 

You can also find the artists listed on the ING Discerning Eye website with the number of artwork selected but no further details as yet.


  1. Wonderful assortment of artists. I wish I could have participated. :)

  2. Great! Thank you for listing the links to all the artists' websites, including mine ;)


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