Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Which is the best book for people wanting to learn to draw?

In my opinion the two Best Books for people wanting to learn how to draw - by a very long way - are:

Both books are listed on "The Best Books about Drawing and Sketching" and I already know that BOTH books have lots of fans.  I certainly always recommend BOTH of them to anybody who asks which book I think is the best (and you can find links to my book reviews on the lens)

However Which is the best book for people wanting to learn to draw?  Click this link to get to the new "duel" module which I've introduced on my drawing books site - so you can now tell me whether you're a huge fan of Bert's book or a complete devotee of Betty's!  Choose your side and leave your comment!

I'm sure that your comments will be invaluable for those coming to the books for the first time.  I know I loved hearing about your views when we looked at favourite drawing books 3 years ago when I ran a project reviewing drawing books



Anonymous said...

another two that i really liked as a beginner are - nick meglin's - drawing from within and sheldon borenstein's - see, feel, trace, draw it.

John Farnsworth said...

Great question, Katherine. I would offer two suggestions. At one end of the spectrum, I would recommend every drawing book one can get one’s hands on. Whether by positive or negative example, there is something to be learned from all of them. (The Drawings of Heinrich Kley, while not actually a how-to book, never fails to get me jump-started)
At the other end, I suggest tracking down one of the text books from the old Famous Artist’s Schools, and following the advice “you learn to draw by drawing”. Well, now that I’ve given it away, you don’t even need to find the book! That and “you learn to paint by painting” are still the best advice I’ve ever found.

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