Sunday, September 12, 2010

12th September 2010: Who's made a mark this week?

Life by Akash Batt
This week the winner of the London Lives competition was announced and the exhibition associated with the competition opened at the Bankside Gallery on Thursday.

Akash Bhatt gold award winner
with his painting 'Life'
The image, Life, by Leicester born artist Akash Bhatt was painted on used newspapers and shows of Wembley. It will be reproduced to a large scale and then emblazoned centrally on a hoarding line that runs along the eastern side of Blackfriars Road Bridge, where it will remain in that position for one year and be seen by up to 10 million people.

Not a bad prize for winning an art competition!

Akash’s work will now also feature in a public selling exhibition of the top 100 works at Bankside Gallery, London, from the 9 September 2010 to 19 September 2010.

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching
  • Bill (Profile Reportage) wrote about Veronica Lawlor - click this link to see the 9/11 drawings
I recently attended a conference where New York-based illustrator Veronica Lawlor spoke about the drawings she created on September 11, 2001.  She ran towards (and drew) the towers as they fell. These emotionally-charged reportage drawings are now part of the Smithsonian Collection in Washington. 
  • In the past we've grown used to seeing Laura Frankstone (Laurelines) recording her immediate family on her blog Laurelines - whether sat around at home, or at weddings or demanding attention as only new babies can!  It's therefore not in any way a surprise to me that Laura also chose to record her mother in drawings as she visited her over the last 11 months from the day her mother was only given a few weeks to live.  Last Sunday Laura's mother died - and you can see some quite remarkable drawings on her blog in A time out to be with her. and My mother's death.  I'm very sure her mother was very proud to have a daughter like Laura.
  • Check out Liz Steel's blog Liz and Borrowmini for sketches of her tour of the Great Houses of England.  But you can maybe get a better sense of how many sketches she's producing on her "royal tour" by taking at look at Borrowmini's photostream on Flickr.  Or to put it another way - 5 weeks into her 11 week world tour she had to break out a new pan of Ultramarine for her paintbox.  I'm hoping to be sketching Kew Palace with her next Wednesday.
  • Great post by James Gurney (Gurney Journey) about the chisel pencil technique of Ernest Watson - see The El Dorado Page
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
Hook Quay by Graham Brace


100 faces #11 by Karin Jurick
Painters and Painting
  • On Wednesday I wrote about Painting from photos which generated a fair few comments  - which leads nicely into.......
  • Karin Jurick's new blog - BUST-ED - is about a project to complete a 100 paintings from mugshots!  The mugshots are by other photographers but they are public information/property.  For me it goes to demonstrate that you can make a photo taken by somebody else your own - but only if as I suggested you've already developed some basic skills.  All Karen's paintings are 4" x 4" and are intended to be quick painterly studies of the face.  I can always trust Karin to come up with something different - and am very happy to recommend you take a look! Also take a look at her main blog if you don't already know it - A Painting Today
  • WindowScapes Oil Paintings by Karen Hollingsworth is a new blog worth which is following for people who are trying to improve their oil painting.  It's not got many posts as yet - but hopefully will become a blog we all love to look at.   I particularly like the clear sense of identity and style which Karin has in her work and her love for her subjects which is always very evident.  Her small works are at auction.
  • Last week, Charley Parker (Lines and Colors) reviewed and highlighted a splendid artist in the imaginary realism genre.  Barbara Kacicek (Barbara Kacicek) produces drawings and paintings and uses the static pages on Her Blogger blog to provide a page for each.  Quite apart from being nice work to look at this is also a good demonstration of how a Blogger blog can now produce an effect very like a conventional website

  • James Gurney (Gurney Journey) has a great post today Quick Draw about a time limited art competition painting plein air. Just goes to show what you can do in two hours!

Art Business and Marketing

Art Competitions and Art Societies

Japanese Still Life by Peter Woof UKCPS
can be seen in the 9th UKCPS Annual Open Exhibition

Art Exhibitions and Art Fairs

Viewing today......
Rachel Whiteread is renowned for her evocative large-scale sculptures, but drawing has always remained one of her core activities. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to explore her works on paper, most of which have never been shown before in a public gallery.
The posters, designed by significant artists like László Moholy-Nagy, Zero (Hans Schleger), and Abram Games, were the crucial face of a pioneering public transport campaign for coherence and efficiency that also included station architecture, train interiors, and Harry Beck’s iconic Underground map (1931–33). 
Opening next week.......  
Samuel John Peploe R.S.A, 1871-1935,
Street Scene, Cassis, oil on board, 33cm x 41cm

Art History, Galleries and Museums

  • The Guardian:  Lord Sainsbury donates £25m towards British Museum extension The British Museum has received a £25m donation from the Conservative peer.  The gift is said to be largest single donation to arts in 25 years and 'vital' to its new £135m Lord Rogers-designed exhibition space and conservation centre.  
  • The 10 best pre-Raphaelite paintings - Stephen Wildman, director of the Ruskin Library, chooses his favourites from the Brotherhood (some of which I saw last Friday!)

Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques

New art instruction books
  • Who Cares? by artist and author Jean Haines (Watercolours with Life) provides some wonderful tips for an approach to be an artist. If you've ever thought about writing a book, Jean's blog has various posts which highlight how whappens to your life,
Art Videos

Book reviews


Opinion Poll 

Websites, webware and blogging 

and finally........

I'm incredibly busy this next week so posts may be a bit late and/or missing until I can catch up
  • Monday I'm taking artwork 100 miles to Stamford in Lincolnshire and attending a talk in the evening about Who gets the money? (about Arts Funding) at the Mall Galleries in London in the evening
  • Tuesday I'm again entertaining my friend Louise Sackett to more art in London.  After Singer Sargent and the Turners at Tate Britain on Friday, we're aiming to visit the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery and see European Art and British portraits.
  • Wednesday I'm meeting up with Liz Steel (Liz and Borrowmini) and Alison Staite (Art Journey) at Kew Gardens - and then attending the Threadneedle award Dinner in the evening
  • Plus I'm trying to get to see the British Art Fair and the exhibitions of the Society of Feline Artists,  and London Lives on the South Bank
Wish me luck!


  1. Thank you for directing people to my humble photo report, Katherine. I should improve my photojournalist skills if these things are going to be viewed.

  2. I should have made it clearer that it was the whole recent suite of 'on the road' reports of which he one quoted was the latest - I'll go and amend

  3. Thank you very much, dear Katherine.


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