Thursday, February 04, 2010

CPSA - Explore This! 6 now online

The online exhibition of the 6th CPSA Explore This! is now online. This is the Colored Pencil Society of America's exhibition which allows the use of coloured pencils with other media. As of last year, it became an online exhibition only - which lasts all year.

These are the links to:
Ester Roi won the The EXPY Best of Show Award and the Prismacolor Award ($2000) for her work 'Above and Below'. Ester has been somebody who has recently been pushing at the boundaries of how coloured pencils can be used with her invention of a portable, electric drawing board called “Icarus Drawing Board”® (patent pending) for wax-based media (the Icarus Drawing Board), Ester also has a rather unusual approach to working practices in her studio! See My Art Studio: Part 1

Selected entries combined coloured pencils with
watercolour, acrylic, gouache, ink, oil pastel, pastel, graphite, marker pens and metal leaf. Media supports included sanded travertine stone, a mahogany panel, wood and gesso. Collage was also used. The major change I noticed in the exhibition was that this year, there's more use of oil pastels in conjunction with coloured pencils.

The main thing I always notice though is how different subject matter and treatment is compared to artwork in different media in the UK. While there are several examples of excellent technique, to my mind Ester's work was one of a few which could easily be shown in London


  1. Ester's work is truly fabulous and unique. I had the pleasure of spending time with Ester and her husband Mario at the CPSA convention in Atlanta last year. They are wonderful people. I was also able to watch Ester demonstrate her methods on her heated board. For those fortunate enough to make it to California for the CPSA 2010 convention, Ester will be holding workshops that will offer instruction on her techniques. Each participant will have their own Icarus board to work on. Ottawa to California, humm...just how many airmiles do I have??

    As for the Explore This show, each year I am looking for the work that truly explores. Once again there are many very realistic pieces that don't seem to be doing a lot of exploring. Sigh.

  2. Thank you, Katherine, for your kind words. I truly appreciate all you do for the art community at large and in particular for the colored pencil community. Your blogs are an excellent source of information and inspiration.


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