Friday, February 26, 2010

Two works in the Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition

Not Quite White
7.5" x 11.5", coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Two of my works have been accepted for hanging in the 25th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists.

Two Iris and Three Buds
10" x 8", coloured pencils on Arches HP

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Last year I also had two works hung. Both my work had a similar colour scheme and they looked good together so I decided to try for a similar effect this year and drew white flowers - a peony (see Not Quite White above) and Two Iris and Three Buds. I don't think I used a single white coloured pencil for either of them!

The exhibition will be held at Central Hall, Westminster, across the road from Westminster Abbey, between 16th and 25th April with the Private View on the 15th April.

If anybody else has got work into the exhibition and will not be able to attend, do please let me know and I'll try and find it and take a photo of it when I'm doing the photos for my review of the exhibition on this blog.

My apologies for the dreadful quality of these photographs of the framed works - just before they were packed up for the trip into town and the submission. I have only one position in my home where I can photograph work in natural daylight without a reflection and the light is not great and I don't use flash! Believe it or not the mat is the same colour for both!


Alison Staite said...

Hi Katherine
Congratulations! I especially like the 'Two Iris and Three Buds' - beautiful.

Cathy Gatland said...

Congratulations Katherine! These are lovely - so many colours to produce white - they do look great together.

Sarah said...

Well done, beautiful work, especially the Iris. Are you a member of the SBA? Going to check your web site...

adebanji said...

Congrats! Well deserved!

Mo said...

Congratulations. Fabulous work

Sherrie York said...

Congratulations, Katherine.... well done! I, too, like especially the iris piece... very delicate but with that nice bit of contrast for drama.

Jennie Norris said...

Congratulations, these are so beautiful - They look so nice framed! Your work is amazing

Papierflieger said...

Congratulations Katherine,
your pencil artwork is special!

Jenni said...

Many congratulations, Katherine. Beautiful, serene pictures. I love your style. I'm interested in your framing. Did you deliberately cut a narrower matt for the Peony picture, compared with that of the Irises? Was it because you had a wider frame? I find framing very difficult and am beginning to do away with a matt altogether. This is purely personal, and I still use a matt for exhibition work ( am I chickening out?)

Ester Roi said...

Congratulations! Lovely pieces.I love the abstract quality of of your botanical work.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks for all the very nice comments. It was great to come home and find all those in my inbox last night! :)

I'm not a member of the SBA - got to do five works two years in succession to even get considered. I might have a go next year - but five works of the standard required is a BIG project!

Making A Mark said...

Jenni - I too like frames without mats and I think I need to start ordering some. I used this frame because its dimensions suited the format and the slightly pink tone of the frame also suited the work. That necessitated a narrow mat and when I tried it looked fine.

If 'Not Quite White' doesn't sell it'll definitely be coming to hang on my walls until it finds a buyer!

I'll use an image of it for tomorrow's post as this photo is really dreadful!

Pat said...

Congratulations Katherine. How exciting and completely deserved.

Tracy Hall said...

Great news Katherine!! I doubt you'll get the pleasure of 'Not Quite White' on your wall though :)

renatabarillipainter said...

Hello Katherine
just few day a go I met your blog.
What an interesting blog!
Congratulation for it and for your artistic life too!!!
It's really usefull.I hade good luck to find it.
I am a botanical artist from Italy: I got my Distance Learning Diploma with Credits from The SBA in 2007 and since then, I always have a work of mines hanged on their Annual Exhibition. It's a piety I didn't meet you before as its very kind of you to propose to take pictures of work for artists
lake me unable to go to see the show.
never mind it will be next year.
Nice to meet you and thanks
renata barilli DipSBA

Making A Mark said...

Renata - I may have got a photo of it. I've got a lot more photos than the ones posted on the blog so let me know what your's looks like and I can see if I've got it.

renatabarillipainter said...

Ohh!! haw quickly you are
its name is "Magnolia grandiflora with fruit in autumn"
watercolour cm66x50.
You can see it on my blog
May be double goodluck.
Thank dear, very kind of you.
ciao renata

Making A Mark said...

Renata - I'm sorry, I took a look at your blog and then reviewed my phtoos and I'm afraid I don't have one of it hanging in the exhibition

renatabarillipainter said...

thanks Katherine,
don't worry,it's doesn't matter.
It was just for my record.
May be next year,
thanks verymuch for your kindess

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