Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Where do you start when making art?

The February Making A Mark Poll looks at where you start when making art.
  • What triggers your art?
  • What are your sources of inspiration.
  • What are your reference sources?
The Magic Hour and October at the Sackler Crossing, Kew
coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

You can find this month's opinion in the usual place in the right hand column - just below the 'Followers' module

Where do you start when making art?

These are the options - and the poll is multiple choice so you can choose all which are relevant. I suggest sticking to those which are you usual practice so we get the most insight into what most poll respondents do most of the time.
  • My imagination
  • My ideas and concepts
  • Paintings by past masters
  • Life and what I see around me
  • My sketches
  • My sketches and my photos
  • My reference photos
  • Ther people's reference photos
  • Current trend/whatever seems to sell
  • Commissions
The poll finishes early on Saturday 127th February and the results will be published later the same day.

Old Ford Lock, River Lea and Ecology Park Pond #1
(both of these are views of
near where I live in East London )
coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

The images in this poll are picture of my drawings hanging in the Drawing London 2010 exhibition at the Barbican - drawn from my own sketches (done from life) with support from my own reference photos.

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