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7th February 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

Watercolour artist and former Making A Mark awardwinner Carol Carter (Carol Carter) has an interesting project ' on the go'. She's creating a series of portrais of her son - and she started 23 years ago! She's wondering whether, if she continues, he will become the only person documented throughout his life in paint.

You can read about a recent exhibition of these portraits in Opening! Schmidt Art Center and you can see them at Here's Looking at You Contemporary Portraits Schmidt Art Center, Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville, IL. The Exhibition continues until March 6th.

Watercolour portraits of her son by Carol Carter

Before I get started on the rest of the posts, I'd like to apologise for the lack of a post last week with no notice. I was having a major problem with my sight and needed a break from eye-slogging on the computer. Hence this week there's two weeks being highlighted in this post! Hopefully back to normal next week.

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In 2009, there were a record 1,902 entries and the resulting exhibition of fifty-six selected works was seen by over 298,000 people in London alone.

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This show concludes with a question mark: is this a closed retrospective of the painter’s greatest hits, or an open-ended exhibition of work-in-progress, with Ofili midway to reinventing himself?
This journey through the culture of the Black Atlantic – from Primitivist modernism through to postmodern video work – is full of startling insights, even if it eventually loses its way
  • Other new exhibitions at the Tate include: Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective opens at Tate Modern on 10th February and Henry Moore (24 February – 8 August 2010) at Tate Britain
  • This next week I'm hoping to get to see the exhibition at Christies of the art collection of Michael Crichton.
  • There's an opportunity to see Kevin McPherson's exhibition Reflections on a Pond at the Salmagundi Club in New York from February 15th until the 26th. It's very odd - the Salmagundi website didn't have any specific information on the website for exhibitions and events in February when I looked earlier this week (I don't count efforts toget me to download a pdf as a listing!). Their explanation is the website is having an overhaul. To my mind the principle that the basics need to be kept going even during an overhaul is absolutely fundamental! Meanwhile the Reflections on a Pond website doesn't have a link to Kevin McPherson's website............
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  • How to critique art is proving to be a very popular post. The resource site which I'm developing is now online at How to Critique Art - Resources for Artists I've split out the links to information and advice into different contexts. I'd still like to get more links to good quality information and advice for this site - plus links to any blog posts where individuals discuss their own thoughts on this topic. Do please leave a comment on the post if you have anything useful to contribute.
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Numerous British artists of the 1990s haven't quite lived up to the hype. But we shouldn't worry: art carries on regardless

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I read yesterday that 8 of the 16 Pearl stores across the country were closing, but the article did not mention what would happen in Cambridge, the chain's only store in the Boston area. Since I was in the neighborhood late this afternoon, I decided to stop by. Today was it's final day, and the doors closed at 6:30.

I arrived at 6:33, and was turned away.

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Every page on your web site has the same title, even though each page is about a different topic. This is the same as publishing a bunch of different books, on different topics, but giving them all the same title. It hurts your potential to be found for what those pages are about. It hurts the chances for people trying to find the good information you're putting out to locate it.
  • At least Bill Gates is polite
@dannysullivan, thanks for the advice - the people who work on the site are on this now, should see improvements tonight...

and finally........

You may have noticed a difference to The Art of the Landscape Blog and Making A Mark - or even read New 'tab' pages for The Art of the Landscape Blog. They both now have new Blogger Pages (underneath the banner masthead). I've taken a different approach with both and tomorrow I'm going to comment on how easy they are to use and what I think they might best be used for.

The Art of the Landscape


"JeanneG" said...

Thanks for the mention. You would laugh if you saw some of the spots I captured for possibles. One a statue of a past major league baseball player. I guess there are several as i saw another one. And a bush that was sculpted. Looked fake as it was a bunch of ball-like pieces and not at all symmetrical. More like a growth of some kind. Also a fence with some kind of wooden things you see around boats. They are hanging from the fence as decorations.

Anonymous said...

I love Carol Carter's paintings! Thank you for highlighting them.

I tired posting a comment awhile back with no success. I had wanted to let your readers know that in the states still had Margaret Steven's book on Botanical Painting in stock.

In DC was can walk around but the sidewalks and streets are very slick and dangerous and there are torn off tree branches everywhere-we lost a crabapple tree branch and I think the whole tree is going to die. Snow in the yard is up past my knees which is a blast to run around in :)

Laura Frankstone said...

Carol Carter's documenting her son's life is truly amazing---talk about a labor of love!
Can't wait to read the news about Liz, though I guess I'll have to;D.

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