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28th February 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

Today on 'who's made a mark this week', I'm celebrating getting work into the exhibitions of national art societies. Specifically:
Not Quite White
7.5" x 11.5", coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

If you're a friend/follower of this blog and have success at a national level please let me know so I can highlight this in 'who's made a mark this week?

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching
  • Yesterday was the 26th International Sketchcrawl Day and you can see the results in the Sketchcrawl Forum. I didn't participate having been out sketching on both Thursday and Friday. Here are some posts about the day:
A view of Leadenhall Market
pen and sepia ink in a Moleskine sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
  • Oldenbrooke continues with his reviews of Artists in Pastel. I just wish more of them had a blog!
  • Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint) is using oil pastels - and look what a difference a change of background colour makes in Background Change on Maine Coon!
  • see the art society section for news about the UKCPS's call for entries for their exhibitions in 2010
Painters and Painting
  • Tracey Helgeson has been busy with Vermont, Plan D her project to produce giveaway small square panels concerned with colour. A truly awesome project and result! She has a new blog for selling these small works Tracey Helgeson (Tracey's surname always takes me back to philosophy days in Cambridge and I ALWAYS have to check the spelling. Those who also did philosophy will know why!)
  • Times Online: Banksy woz' ere is about the new Banksy film. Banksy made it on to the cover of the Sunday Times today as well
Art Business and Marketing
  • On Monday I wrote about Selling Art Online and Site Traffic which was an overview of the charts for site traffic for different art gallery websites where people sell their art online. I noted that some of them seemed to have less traffic than this blog!
  • One of the sites I highlighted was Boundless Gallery. Today I note that Dan at Empty Easel is announcing that Boundless Gallery is closing and will explain all tomorrow in his Selling Art Online post (I also note that there's no announcement on the Boundless Gallery website!)
Big news, folks. . . In a truly sad turn of events,, a well-known online art gallery, will be closing its doors this week. Tomorrow I’ll explain the details of the situation as I know it
The First session of "Shut Up Already...I'll Look at Your Art!" took place Feb. 24th 2010 at Winkleman Galley N.Y., NY. A participating project of #class, artists Jenifer Dalton's and William Powhida's exhibition in the form of a think tank at Winkleman Gallery.

Art and the Economy / Art Collectors

Art Competitions and Art Societies

Art Exhibitions and art fairs

Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques

The workshops are completely accessible - working on the premise that no skills or drawing experience are needed to make strong and exciting work.
Tips and techniques
My advice is to never pay for paint outs. They should be paying you. All costs can be underwritten by sponsors. Never care about awards at paint outs. I discourage awards because we are there to make a living and enjoy the event. Paint outs should be sales oriented. For a good paint out, all artists are professionals and should not be concerned with winning awards. Awards create a competitive atmosphere which is unnecessary.

Art Studios

Art Supplies

Book reviews



There have been several high-profile instances of photographic infringement. Sherrie Levine, who challenged the very nature of photographic originality by shooting the works of Walker Evans for her 1981 work "After Walker Evans," was forced to turn over that series to the Evans estate. Jeff Koons has had mixed results in court defending his own appropriation of photographic images.

Opinion Poll


  • I continued with my theme of the PC vs the Mac this week - see PC vs Mac update: questions about the iMac - and got featured in their Analysis/Commentary/Editorial/Opinion section of the daily headline Mac news site as a result. Thanks to the 300+ people who came and read my post! Thanks also to the very many people who have been giving me advice on what to do - I've been listening carefully to you all.
  • Creative Review highlighted the fact that Photoshop had its 20th birthday this year - see Photoshop is 20
  • Alyice Edrich has written about How To Set Up StatCounter On an Art Blog on Empty Easel. Nice to see all the screenshots.

The Web: networking, blogging, webware and website

  • As of 11 February 2010, 3.2 was launched. This works on Windows, Mac and Linux is now available for download. It's already been downloaded by over 4.6million people. New features are described in detail on this website. has been nominated in the Reader's Choice Awards 2010. The key point about this news is that it's hit the market ahead of Office 2010 and for those of us looking at what software we need if changing computers this is a very relevant consideration! Here's a review on The Register - Office 2010 offers support for ODF files (ie open office standard files). The beta version of Office 2010 will expire in October 2010.
Monday is the day that application notifications will finally be removed from the Facebook platform.

and finally........

This isn't very arty oriented but you might be interested in Microsoft's attitiude to the privacy of your information An In-Depth Look at Microsoft's Spy Guide on ReadWriteWeb. I'm just wondering what the courts in various countries would have to say about this. So often practices shift because people think they can get away with something in the USA - without taking time out to recognise the international issues.

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  1. Beautiful pieces you've got going into the Botanical Artists exhibition Katherine!

    I'm going to both the Van Gogh and V&A Quilt exhibitions in March; can't wait!


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