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5th July 2009 - Who's made a mark this week? #103

(left) Silver Morning (Watercolour 40cm x 50cm or 16 inches x 20 inches)
(right) Homeward Bound (Watercolour. 40cm x 40cm or 16 inches x 16 inches)

copyright Sarah Wimperis

At this time of year there seem to be a lot of competitions - bringing both deadlines and announcements as to who has and hasn't got in. I'm getting emails from people and seeing quite a few blog posts about 'what happened next'

For me the stand out response to date has been by Sarah Wimperis (The Red Shoes) who posted Salty old Sea Dogs on a Saturday Night on our Watermarks blog after she didn't get into a competition. She then followed up on her wonderful watercolours in that post by doing a couple of more posts on her own blog in the week which both had stunning paintings - see Silver Morning and Homeward Bound

oil on cannvas, 25cm x 44cm

copyright Ilaria Rosselli del Turco

Ilaria Roselli Del Turco (Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco - News ) had some better news from the Artists and Illustrated Magazine when she heard that her painting "Mangetout" was the a runner up in their Artist of the Year competition, for the still-life category (see Artists and Illustrators Art Competition)

Art Blogs


  • I commend June roundup by Anna at See.Be.Draw. to you. It's a thoughtful review of posts she's enjoyed in June
Drawing and sketching

Expanding visual horizons this week - I'm focusing entirely on people who sketch who don't live in North America or the UK!
Coloured pencils and pastels
  • Lauren Milroy is a design engineer with a Masters in Product Design from Stanford University. She had one or two interesting ideas about how you can use up all those little stumpy coloured need new flip flops? Or new heels?

shoes and flip flops made out coloured pencils by Lauren Milroy


Artists - David Hockney

Art Business and Marketing

Whilst stories of online gallery sales exist, they're sadly all-too-rare, considering the gazillion online galleries currently choking the web......Online galleries are established and marketed at artists. The gallery promotes itself to attract more artists. The more works displayed on a site, the more it's measured as successful.
But all that marketing and promotion towards getting more artist members doesn't address the issue of buyers!

Art and the economy / Art Collectors

Artists Communities and Art Forums

Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques

Art Education

Just a reminder about the Life Class is being screened on Channel 4 12.30pm every day this next week. Here are the links to Tips and techniques

How to get from this (left) to this (right)
Here's how to stretch watercolour paper (that bit which always seems to get left out of books!)

Art Exhibitions

Joe - Boy 2
copyright Peter Monkman
  • Peter Monkman, winner of the BP portrait prize this year, wrote to tell me that he more Changeling portraits and some new work in an exhibition Uncanny Likeness about New Perspectives on Contemporary Portraiture (11th July to 22nd August 2009) under the auspices of Ovada (the The Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency). Peter will be exhibiting Joe - Boy2 and Changeling 1 and Changeling 4.
  • St Louis, Missouri: A new sculpture park in St. Louis, filled with works by Fernand Léger, Tony Smith, Jim Dine and Bernar Venet, has been created to draw tourists and art fans to the city - as described in this New York Times article Sculpture to Invigorate a Shrinking City. You can also see it here in this slideshow A Look Inside Citygarden
  • This New York Times article is interesting Where Art Meets Social Networking Sites. It focuses on the artist who come to digital technology of later and how it generated “Status Update” which comrpises nearly 50 works by more than a dozen artists. See it at Haskins Laboratories in New Haven
“Is it art to do art on an iPhone and put it on an easel?” he asked. “If you go back to Duchamp and put a toilet on the wall — is it art? Yes, it is.”

Art Museums and Galleries

De-accessinioning is what happens when art galleries and museums sell of parts of their collection.

Book reviews

Opinion Polls

Websites, webware and blogging

  • When you want to show the computer who's boss! is about what happened to me on Monday and how I lost a very long posted which I'd drafted using Google Docs. Thanks to:
    • all the people who commented on strategies for dealing with computer angst
    • Zsu who told me about a feature of Google Docs which meant I hadn't lost all my draft post - and it was duly retrieved
if you use Google Docs, it has revision history, which lets you go back to any previously saved point! So you should be able to undo the cut even after it saves the modification. You can get to it from the Tools menu.

and finally........

Tomorrow the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square starts to be occupied by a series of people for an hour at a time. Read all about it:
Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break, a different person will make the Plinth their own. If you're selected, you can use your time on the plinth as you like. One & Other is open to anyone and everyone from any corner of the UK. As long as you're 16 or over and are living or staying in the UK, you can apply to be part of this unforgettable artistic experiment.
So far 15,374 people have applied for the 2,400 places. You can read the blog about the project here.

I can see sketching opportunities. Maybe we should have a special Trafalgar square sketchcrawl?

Making a Mark reviews......


  1. Wow ..great work by Sarah Wimperis..also thanks for the hint to Google Wave.. sounds very interesting.

  2. ooh, thank you my bird (a bit o cornish for you there) Thats a reite nice post, just contemplating what sandwhiches to make for my party next weekend, wish you could come, I am marking 50!

  3. Thanks for the link Katherine!

    Have you signed up for the Gormley project by any chance? I can just see you sitting on top of the fourth plinth making a mark...

  4. What remove my posterior from my nice comfy chair and leave my keyboard! ;)

    No - I think I'll stay where it's nice and dry. :)

    I don't envy whoever got the hailstorm slot!

  5. Katherine, I'm on a 2-week break, so it took me a while to realize that you listed my blog demo and tips on egg tempera which resulted in further questions from interested artists. Thanks so much for the links, I appreciate it!


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