Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Downloading my colour memory

I got back from our trip to the Prince of Wales' family home at Highgrove in Gloucestershire a little while ago. Thankfully it didn't rain and we had a lovely sunny day for an absolutely glorious garden. It's simply amazing!

Due to security etc no cameras are allowed and so I'm currently engaged in downloading my colour memory into my sketchbook for the 10 sketches I did on the hoof while we were being given the tour of the garden by our excellent garden guide.

I've got a pretty good colour memory for about 24 hours so need to do it now.

Sketches and an account of the trip will start appearing on Travels with a Sketchbook tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations on your color memory. Over the years, I have found that I tend to change colors, it's like being color blind, but only in some of the things that I remember...

  2. Sadly there aren't even any good photos on HRHs official site. Very much looking forward to your sketches, Katherine and maybe some clues to how you indicated colour on location.

  3. That's easy. I just make notes of the colours in pencil in the sketch and then rub out the notes as I start to apply the coloured pencils.

    It helps to practice - I spent some time on the coach on the way there mentally naming colours I could see in the landscape. You have to give colours names which are meaningful to you. They won't necessarily 'read across' to other people as the same colours.

    In How good is your visual recognition memory? I wrote about ways in which you assist your visual memory

    In Sketching plein air with coloured pencils I talked about how naming colours helps you make judgements about which colour is right and which to use

  4. Thanks so much for your answer, Katherine!


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