Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Title please - plus time for a short break

It's no good - I've got to take a break and get my portfolio sorted for my application for fulll signature membership of the Society of Feline Artists - not to mention get everything finished, matted and in frames.

Then there's the question of a title....... (see the end)

Title - You tell me!
8" x 8", coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Plus I've got some personal stuff which needs sorting and that takes time and many emails.

So it's likely to be very quiet for the next week or so - with maybe the odd post.

My landscape project WILL be starting soon, but probably not until w/c 10th August. I want to do it justice and I'm too pushed for time right now.

Now - can you can help me?

I'm having trouble coming up with a title for this one - which is almost finished. It's yet another kitten, sat in the bottom of one of those woven banana leaf waste paper bins. I'm sure anybody who has ever had a kitten knows just how much kittens enjoy waste paper bins and this one was no exception!

So any suggestions for a title?

[Update: I chose "Pick of the Litter" as a title in the end. Mainly because it was one of those ones which made me wish I'd thought of it first which I always think is a sign of a good title! So very many thanks to madtora who suggested it in the first place. I'd come and comment on your blog but you don't seem to have one!

I'm pleased to say that "Pick of the Litter" is also going to be in the SOFA Annual exhibition. You can also see the final version on my website]

Making a Mark reviews......


  1. I'm in love with this kitten!! Perhaps, "Where've you been all my life"?

  2. "Pick of the Litter"?

  3. Too sweet! Circle of Love... or perhaps Circle of Fluff ;)

  4. "Who are they?" because it seems to me that the kitten is wondering who are these strange creatures on two legs who are looking at him/it.

  5. 'Kitten, Circumscribed.' Or substitute the name of the cat for the generic word kitten: 'Pearl, Circumscribed,' to use my cat's name as an example. I'd avoid a too cute title so that your emphasis is on the quality of your drawing and not on the adorableness of your model ;D. What I loved about the piece of yours that made the cover was that it really works as a drawing---textures, palette, composition, technique are masterfully handled---the cuteness of the kittens became, if not beside the point, then secondary. Which is the way I'd prefer it, if I were a feline artist ;D. Or an artist painting felines, I mean!

  6. Keep them coming - I'm always absolutely amazed at the ingenuity other people have in titling artwork!

    I'm very impressed with what everybody has come up with so far.

    However I really like "Pick of the Litter" - that was inspired! :)

    I also like "Circumscribed" just on its own.

  7. Or, as Bill Cosby would say, "You talking to me?"

  8. Did you get a new kitten? "Can I Come Out Now".

  9. Hey!! What happened to my 'Bin Happy'?

  10. How about Peek-A-Boo. She is beautiful.

  11. I was going to say Cat in a Spiral (Instead of Caught in a Spiral), Litter Basket, Trash Cat, or Curiosity Trashed the Cat, but when I saw Pick of the Litter, I thought that was the cat's meow.

  12. Wow such a lot of great titles - I know I'd have never come up with any of them!!!

    I'm still leaning towards "Pick of the Litter" but don't let that stop you suggesting a better one!

  13. How about "No, this is not your bin"?
    Lovely kitten, looking forward for the final touches!

  14. How about 'Good Things Come in Small Baskets'? Btw, this one is adorable beyond words!

  15. I don't know what to call it, but he's adorable!

  16. How about Kitty Litter? Your blog updates are being missed!


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