Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lesson learned - don't forget to do your updates

I've been having an extremely riveting time this morning - NOT!

My laptop is playing up (lots of beeping noises and refuses to start) and I've had to go back to using my big desktop with the noisy fan. Which has just been sitting there - not connected to the internet.

Pussy Willow study
coloured pencils

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Several hours later I think I've got to the end of all the software and security updates required to make it safe and efficient when connecting to the Internet. A lesson learned!

I'm very glad I bought a back-up disc with 3 licences when I renewed my security suite recently - but I'm having problems getting they key installed so I'm hoping I can get that sorted out.

It's also very odd because this computer uses XP and I've got to go back to remembering how XP works. I already miss my Vista sidebar with the my ever changing photographs which allowed me to pick out thumbnails with promise from out of the corner of my eye.

...and what's with my so called Microsoft wireless comfort keyboard? The keys are reverberating though my tenosinovitis which is not enjoying it at all! Comfortable it is not! I love my soft-touch laptop keys which was one of the main reasons for using it.

I've still got to go and get the Vaio booked in for its diagnostics - but not on a Saturday I think!

End of whinge!

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  1. You might as well be speaking Italian, Katherine for all I can understand of your Windows Vista environment. I only speak Mac.

    I can't believe you are having trouble with that new laptop already. I'm so sorry. How frustrating. Mind you, my Firefox tosses up the Ever-spinning-wheel quite a lot and I have to force quit and restart the Mac. I live in terror of my laptop passing away as I can't really afford a new one and I don't want the latest operating system, anyway because my Photoshop/Illustrator suite of software apparently isn't compatible with it. Stark Terror at the though of that!

    Get will soon Laptop.


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