Friday, February 13, 2009

Art Schools in the UK - Resources for Artists

One of the interesting things emerging so far from the MAM Poll: What's the most effective way of improving your art education? is what seems like a pronounced lean towards valuing being taught by way of instruction - by people i.e. artists who are also tutors - in different settings.

I've got some ideas in mind for how I can follow up on the poll - and this post is about the first of them.

If you've ever thought of going to art school here's a resource which lists a lot of the art schools in the UK - Art Schools in the UK - Resources for Artists plus some links to those all important funding issues!

This is what my new site covers:
You can provide feedback by leaving a comment here or on the site itself.

I'd very much welcome suggestions about any omissions which need to be remedied. Plus if you'd like to say what you think of a school that would also be very helpful. Even more so if you indicate whether or not I can quote you by name.

I've also got the USA version underway. I think I know most of the major art schools but I'm less familiar with the rest so if anybody has got particular recommendations I'd really appreciate it if you let me know what that is so we can all share with people who want to go down that route.


  1. eeerrrrm - what about the north, east, west and midlands??

  2. It's "north" and "south" as in a two-way split (ie no Midlands, no East Anglia, no SouthWest etc).

    I can divide it up further when I've been able to find out more about art schools in different areas.

    To start with, I've gone for the major "names" in the first instance but will build it up over time and/or those with well developed websites.

    You'll note that Wales is also missing - and there is a very good art school in Aberystwyth

    So all suggestions are most welcome for additions

  3. Hi Katherine,
    Useful post, as ever. Two less major to add ? - Putney School of Art & Design and in terms of distance learning there's The London Art College. The London Art College looks to have a reasonable range of courses and is considerably cheaper than the OCA. It would be interesting to know how much the standard differs -if at all.

  4. Thanks Alison

    Both the colleges you mention are colleges which provide adult education - but not undergraduate degrees.

    I've decided to develop a second site for institutions which provide courses to adult leaving this one for the degree courses.


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