Sunday, February 15, 2009

15th February 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

Walk with me - Kennack by Sarah Wimperis
Watercolour and Pen in Sketchbook

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Art Blogs
  • Rama (The Portrait Party) has declared the month of February as self-love month - self-portraits
in honor of valentine's day, the portrait party will celebrate the greatest love of all with an entire month of self-portrait parties. draw yourself. share the results. self-portraits will be posted until midnight on february 28th.
Art business and marketing

Marine Inversion at Carmel
14" x 18", pastel
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
At Economy
"Why do people think artists are special?" Andy Warhol once asked, "it's just another job". And, during a recession, it is harder to plead the case for painters, authors, musicians and photographers.
Arts and the economy - uncomfortable bedfellows?
  • In the USA, the arts got some funding for the arts as part of the package which has just been agreed. Here's Razia Iqbal, the BBC's arts correspondent's blog post about art in a recession Arts and the economy - uncomfortable bedfellows?
  • Charlotte Higgins questions whether now is the right time to be building giant sculptures in the countryside - like Mark Wallinger's White Horse at Ebbsfleet
Art Education
Art galleries and museums
Civilisation - a breathtakingy ambitious project that featured a thousand years of art, architecture and ideas, written and presented by former Director of the National Gallery, Kenneth Clark.
  • Next an important alert! This month, the National Gallery celebrates the 40th anniversary of Kenneth Clark’s 1969 BBC2 series Civilisation - orginally commissioned in part to showcase colour television - and has lunchtime screenings over 13 consecutive weeks on Wednesdays at 1pm starting on 25 February. There is also a (free) Lunchtime Talk Kenneth Clark's Civilisation on 18 February 1pm and a Study Day (£25) with Sir David Attenborough, Simon Schama and AA Gill on 21 February, 10.30am. The wikipedia article provides an outline of the contents of each episode. The Daily Telegraph obituary of Michael Gill , responsible for creating Civilisation provides a fascinating account of how the programmes got made.

The series had difficulty at first in finding a home on American television, but success was assured after the National Gallery of Art in Washington put it on at lunchtime in the gallery theatre. This seated 300 people, but on the first day 24,000 turned up.
Wikipedia - Civilisation (TV programme)
Art History
Book reviews

The interpretation of copyright law has been getting very interesting of late!
Tips and techniques
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and finally.............

This week the Daily Telegraph came up with a list of The national art treasures Britain cannot afford to lose. I wonder how many have seen all these works? Do you agree with the choice?

The article also quotes David Barrie, the director of The Art Fund as saying
government funding of museum acquisitions has almost entirely evaporated and as we enter the deepest recession that anyone can remember, it will be increasingly difficult to secure public and private donations in the event that a masterpiece comes up for sale.


  1. Comics at the LOURVE! EXCELLENT!!!! I'm a comic book fan (or was, rather) so actually might even take a Eurostar daytrip to Paris to see this. One of my favourite authors (Neil Gaimen) and my very favourite artist (Dave McKean) were/are comics folk.

    Thanks for the heads up. :)

  2. Katherine, Thank you so much for including me this week. Always an honor.

  3. Thank you, Katherine.

    And, as always, I love this blog. It's way too interesting. The only problem is you can lose hours here. As, i just did! Thanks again.


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