Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Google gmail / googlemail is down

Google gmail/googlemail has gone for a hike! I've made a cup of tea, restarted my computer and put all the laundry away - and gmail has still not restarted! I've known it have hiccups before now but nothing as long as this.

It's taken about 20 minutes to produce a 502 server error notice. It's possible if this is a server error that it's not the same everywhere.

However all other Google services seem to be working normally so I think I might just go and finish my blog post!

In the meantime Google engineers will be working frantically and thinking about their bonuses........

[Update 11.20am: It's now been down for an hour. According to PCPro Google have issued an update via a telephone and are encouraging affected users to visit the Gmail Help Centre for status updates. However the Google/PCPro link is amorphous to put it mildly and the one you want to use is the announcements and alerts section of the Gmail Google Group. The most recent post I read one suggests to me that the service is not going to be returning for some hours........

Meanwhile Twitter is going to ignite with the all the twittering which is going on!]


  1. Weird! I'd just given up trying to open GoogleMail for the umpteenth time this morning and decided to look at your blog instead, only to be find you've been going through the same thing! Although my method of passing the time is rather more enjoyable than packing away laundry...

  2. I have had gmail problems for days, with slow opening of e-mails. I resort to basic HTML view, which works. I thought I was missing an update, but now wonder if gmail is having troubles at the provider end.

    Interesting things, Katherine!

  3. My Google Mail has been working perfectly in Italy - that's a first!


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