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Stonehenge - two new colours in 10 yard rolls

Most fine artists using Legion's Stonehenge paper will only be familiar with sheets or pads of the paper.

However Stonehenge has also been available as a 50 inch wide roll in white - which would be useful but only if you happened to want 140 yards of it!

However last week, Legion Paper introduced a 250Gsm roll in two new colours - cream and natural - however this time it's only ten yards to each roll! This means you can now have a minimum width on the shortest side of 50" and a length as long as you want!

A 50" sheet has previously been available but its shortest side was 38". However it wasn't easily available with most retailers preferring to stock the standard sizes of 22x30 or 30x44.

Although Stonehenge has become a very popular paper used by a number of coloured pencil artists, I suspect these new rolls may well be of most interest to fine art printmakers. After all Stonehenge started life as a printmaking paper although it's also now used for a number of other dry fine art media.
Machinemade in the USA of 100% cotton, neutral pH, deckled. It rivals the European mouldmade papers with its ability to produce excellent results in a variety of techniques. In addition to intaglio and silkscreening, Stonehenge can be used with colored pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolors and stone litho.
Stonehenge catalog - rolls (pdf)
The information available from Legion provides the answers to some questions but not others - particularly in relation to how to get hold of a roll!

First off, I'm a little puzzled as the press release states the colours available as being cream and natural (see this Stonehenge page for colours) however the 'other' Stonehenge page on the website - the one with the size and dimensions - lists the two new rolls as being cream and white. So we have a puzzle - which is it - white or natural? This was resolved when I finally found the Catalog relating to rolls of paper - which lists THREE colours for a 10 yard roll - white, cream and natural! (So maybe it's always been available as a 10 yard roll in white?)

Also the press release states that rolls are currently available in both Legion Papers’ East and West Coast warehouses - but doesn't say how they will normally be sold. I'm sure those interested would like to know if the new shorter rolls will be available in all normal retailers selling Stonehenge sheets or whether they will generally be available by special order only due to their weight and price. The rolls catalog has a recommended list price of $175.61 and quotes a weight of 8lb per roll. The price is likely to dictate limited demand and, in the context of the credit crunch, my guess is that there will almost certainly be a preference amongst retailers making this item available by special order only. But of course nobody will order it if they don't know it exists...........

If there isn't a big take-up by B&M retailers, I'd suggest Legion look to having a preferred online retailer for dealing with specialist/less frequent orders as the major corporate art suppliers tend to opt for only listing and supplying the most popular sizes irrespective of what manufacturers actually make.
  • I checked Dick Blick and they aren't listing the new rolls as yet - however they aren't listing the non standard sizes of paper either.
  • In the UK, Global Art Supplies Ltd are listed as the main distributor. Their rather unhelpful website identifies Jackson's as being their main online retailer - but Jacksons aren't listing rolls as yet either and like Dick Blick, they only list the 22x30in sheets.
For anybody interested I suggest you contact Legion to find out prices and how best to get hold of a roll (or a non standard size sheet).

The 2009 catalog is available for download from the website. It's good to see a paper manufacturer avoiding waste of paper by making it available online!

The Overstock Store

It's also worth mentioning Legion's Overstock Store for those with particular tastes in paper and colours and a keen eye for a bargain. The store is currently displaying a wide range of paper stock at discounted prices. Legion have made a commitment to donating 10% of every purchase made prior to December 31, 2008 to the Children's Health Fund.

Paper and Non-Canvas Supports - Resources for Artists

You can find more information about paper and non-canvas supports for the fine artist on my information site Paper and Non-Canvas Supports - Resources for Artists.

Check out this site for information about and links to suppliers of fine art paper products and other non-canvas supports used by visual artists who draw and paint. The lens covers:
  • a guide to paper and non-canvas supports
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  • fine art paper suppliers and paper mills
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  1. As one who has used a roll of paper (Wallis Museum) I want to endorse this method. Of course, it helps to be organized and have a surface to roll out your paper and cut. Don't worry, it flattens just fine if you do the right things.

    I was glad to visit your paper lens, again. Incredible resource. Have you thought about adding Townsend's handmade to your abrasives section? Dakota sells it.

    I can't recall ever trying Legion paper, so now I am keen to do it.

  2. Thank you for writing about the new Stonehenge rolls and placing the information on your blog so quickly. I've also corrected the web error we had on our Stonehenge page and now the specifications reflect the price catalog and lists the Natural Roll. We are still rolling out the product (I guess the pun is intended) and getting the word out to the retailers, so artists should start to see the paper in stock at their paper supplier in the New Year. Our UK distributor, Global Art Supplies, has stocked the White Stonehenge rolls and I am sure they will follow suit and begin stocking the new colors as well. You are also correct in noting that printmakers will find the new rolls of great interest.

    Marc Schotland
    Legion Paper


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