Friday, December 12, 2008

Feedburner doesn't know what time it is

I'm getting very fed up with Feedburner not knowing what time of day Greenwich Mean Time is. It constantly gets it an hour wrong - which means that my emails to subscribers readers are not going out at the right time.

Hence the provocative title of this post - because they certainly are NOT reading all the posts by people in their Google Feedburner Group who've been making this same point for some time. In fact support for Feedburner has become completely shambolic since Feedburner was acquired by Google

The time issue is very frustrating when you live in London and sit virtually on top of the Prime Meridian!

Nearly Sitting on Zero
coloured pencils in sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Let me give you an example. This blog is usually set up so that the feed delivers in the 3.00-5.00pm GMT time slot as is the Watermarks blog that I'm involved with. However, neither deliver in the right time slot:
  • Making A Mark delivers at 2.00pm
  • Watermarks delivers after 5.00pm GMT.
Note to Feedburner - GMT operates in Winter; British Summer Time operates in summer. Try using the world clock!

I'm sure there's space for another company who offers a feed management service - it would be nice to have one which works properly.


  1. I think it has all to do with gravity,

    As Einstein said:

    Time goes more slowly in higher gravitational fields.

    > Picture <

    Feedburner thinks they are sooo important they weigh a whole lot more,
    there for for them times runs a little different then in the ordinary world.

  2. That's the answer - it's obviously GMT as in "Google Manages Time" too!!!

  3. "Google Manages Time". I like that. lol

    I'm actually new on the blog scene. I've recently been getting my blog going and getting a Web site built.

    I'm also using Feedburner. The time issue has been a challenge. I'm in the eastern time zone and the emails from my blog show central time. I suppose that could be confusing for subscribers. I guess I can work with it being one hour late. I just wish the emails didn't reflect that.

  4. I hate to shout,
    I know it's rude,
    but "Google Time"
    is AWFUL CRUDE :-(

  5. I just started a new art blog, yesterday, and have no stats, and it doesn't even show that I signed up for email updates, yet I get them.
    I have also noticed a number of questions from bloggers that I follow asking if there is an alternative to Feedburner.
    My searches have not found anything either as far as alternatives go.
    For me, I subscribe to your blog via RSS because I have too many blogs that I subscribe to.
    Very frustrating for you though, I sympathize.

  6. Cath - I so sorry - but I really don't understand the point you're making.

    I was making a pun on G.M.T.

  7. Oh Katherine - I was referring to them (Feed Burner / Google) not you! I find the whole attitude of Google to problems they create very disheartening - they'e so big they simply don't care anymore. I'm sorry you thought I was concerned by what you wrote.

  8. Cath - thank you! :) I was hoping you meant that.