Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday - sort of..............

Dining and Sketching at the Club Gascon
pencil in Moleskine
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Today is the "sort of" 3rd birthday of Making A Mark. In December 2005, I got a blog underway - with a different URL and a longer title. I didn't allow the blog to be listed and primarily used the December to try out this newfangled thing called blogging. I still recommend this as an approach to people. It's like trying to learn how ride a bike without having the whole family watch for when you fall over!

My first post was all about Two of my favourite occupations which discusses sketching in restaurants while eating a fabulous meal!
A tutor once said to me "If you can draw people, you can draw anything" before making a strong recommendation to draw regularly and to draw people as often as I could. Lunch yesterday involved two of my very favourite occupations, eating the excellent set lunch at a favourite restaurant - the Club Gascon in West Smithfield - and drawing people in a restaurant.
After four posts I decided I'd got the hang of it and could think about taking off the stablisers! However I also decided that the blog needed to have a shorter name and then decided that I might as well go the whole hog and have a completely different URL as well!

Hence Making A Mark was born again with a new URL of In reality, its first "proper" post was all about Links to artist weblogs and websites on Saturday 7th January 2006.

So I think I'm going to wait and have a "proper" official 3rd birthday then!


  1. We share a similar blog 'birthday'. I hope yours continues for many more years as I enjoy reading it so much.

  2. Happy sort-of birthday!

    You've accomplished a great deal in 3 have also enabled many others to accomplish a great deal in their art lives by all your info, reviews, encouragement, etc.

    Looking forward to many more years...

  3. I hope you have a party. I'll bring the chips and dip. What time? :)

  4. Katherine,
    You are to be commended for your incredible contributions of art and knowledge. I hope that you will continue this outpouring of generosity for years to come!


  5. You started blogging about the time I started lurking (with fear and trembling) as a newbie in cyberspace and around art blogs. And how much beauty and information I have been collecting since then.
    Thanks, again, to you and the others.

  6. I missed my second blog birthday (and the first one actually). Yours is essential reading and I always look forward to it!

  7. Many happy returns, Katherine. I'll be back on Jan 7 too.

    I always love the drama of your pencil drawings. Something about these tells me you had a splendid dinner too :)

  8. Congrats....You have a fantastic blog, with so much useful information.
    You really are providing a great service to us all and it is much appreciated.
    Wish you great success in the future!!!!!

  9. I can't believe you've only been doing this for three years - you have accomplished, and given so much. Thanks and best wishes.

  10. Okay, I'll wait 'til your official birthday to congratulate you officially, but here's an unofficial congratulations anyway ;D.

  11. Katherine,
    A belated happy blog birthday (been a bit missing in action with no laptop and swamped at work).

    I love your blog, I think its amazing and encylopedic (is that a verb/adverb?). I always learn something new here, which is a wonderful in a blog.



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