Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making A Mark Awards - The nominations to date are......

You can nominate for three of the Making A Mark Awards this year and this post is an overview of the nominations I've received so far. Remember you have until the end of Sunday 21st December to get your nominatiom included by leaving a comment on the relevant thread noted below.

If you'd like to see the image of work nominated, click on the link to see the image. Images of those shortlisted and the reasons will be included in the posts asking you to vote on the 24th.

I'd really like to thank all those people who have left a nomination (you can see who they are after each nomination). It's always good to celebrate what we value in the work of others and it's great to see the variety of work you've identified to date.

Yet again, I'm finding that you're identifying artists and blogs which are new to me which is another welcome benefit of this exercise!

Best artwork on a blog in 2008

Interestingly this year people have asked to be able to nominate series of drawings from life. Although that wasn't part of the original guidelines, I've decided to allow this on the basis they are considered as a 'suite' or 'portfolio' (they have some sort of underlying connection).

I'm also not fussing over those who have nominated two paintings as opposed to a painting and a drawing - although I would like to continue to emphasise that your nomination does not have to be a painting and you can nominate a drawing!
If you'd like to nominate a work by a fellow artist and blogger for the chance to win best artwork on a blog in 2008 check out what you need to do on Call for entries: best artwork completed & posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2008

Best portrait by a female artist in 2008

Fewer nominations - and I think some of the above might possibly fit better in this category! Don't be shy - you are allowed to nominate yourself for this category. Think of it like entering an art competition.

Here are the portrait nominations to date:
These are the nominations for the "Special Mention" portfolio of portrait drawings to date - for people who draw portraits on a regular basis
I'm looking for some more nominations for both portrait and portfolio categories. Find out more about how you can do nominate in MAMA Call for entries: Best Portrait by a female artist on a blog in 2008

Best online art exhibition in 2008

The only nomination received so far is:
Are there any more online exhibition websites which you think were great in 2008? Nominations can relate to the online exhibition websites for museums, art galleries, art societies or an artist! Check out MAMA Call for entries: best online art exhibition in 2008.

If you've got any queries about nominates or how to take part please use the comments function to ask a question - which I'll answer as soon as possible.

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  1. Golly, Katherine... how do you manage to do it all? You're amazing. Thanks for the "atta girls" that come my way from you, I appreciate them! In very small return, I've tagged you with the "Arte y Pico" award... no need to play, but I wanted you to know I appreciate all you do for art and artists!


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