Friday, September 03, 2021

SURGERY UPDATE #2: Still prepping with a steep hill to climb

SURGERY UPDATE: I had one of my pre-surgery assessment interviews - by telephone this week and am going in for tests in the middle of the month - and then surgery should not be too long after that. My current assumption is probably October.

This is an update following on from Get ready for surgery: Update #1 last month.
Despite everything achieved to date, today I'm feeling rather overwhelmed by the amount I've still to do - with a very steep hill still to climb!

Mont Ventoux from Crillon Le Brave
(pen and sepia ink and coloured pencil)

I've acquired a knee scooter, smart crutches suitable for somebody (me) who also needs a shoulder replacement and various other bits of very necessary kit for life on one leg (and no cheating) for 8-12 weeks.

Plus worked out the hall carpet needed changing, the old sofa had to go to be replaced by one that has a high enough seat I can lie down on to do nose to toe elevation of my ankle and get up again from it(!) - I haven't been able to sit on my old sofa in years! - and my riser recliner also needed replacing.

Plus identified a massive need to get rid of lots of clutter and do a lot of reorganising.

Yesterday I ordered 
  • a nice looking commode - which doubles as a chair - for when I'm flat on my back elevating my foot nose to toe for two weeks....
  • an indoor rollator which has a TRAY which resolves one of the major issues - how to get food from kitchen to where I eat when hands are occupied with steering! So VERY relieved to have finally solved this problem! I use it by braking and then hopping.... brake, hop, brake, hop etc

On its way to me - my new Tuni Novi Indoor Rollator with a TRAY!!

However I've just worked out what I've still got to do to get my home ready for surgery.

The little matter of a MAJOR decluttering - which has been very neglected since I tore the meniscus in my knee and put on lots of weight - is well underway, but still has some way to go. 

However the key thing I need post surgery is space - and lots of it!

This is because after having got the kit, and practising doing trial journeys with it I've realised lots of changes still need to made for turning circles / keeping safe when using one leg when you're not allowed to fall or put your caste foot down.

We've just done the logistics with my other half and I'm now into 
  • removing baths, 
  • changing floors and 
  • removing doors, 
  • moving bookcases (and books) etc etc etc 
  • and there's only so much I can do in one day before the pain sets in.....
So bottom line - I'm not going to be around much in September either. Odd post now and again when I need a break

....and I'm going to see David Hockney at the RA next week come what may!

At least by the time I have my shoulder replacement everything that needs doing will have been done. Just got to cope with operating with one arm and one hand for that one!

PS If you have got osteoarthritis my strong recommendation is to:
  • lose as much weight as you can - I've now lost nearly six stone
  • walk within your limits every day (I grind - literally - to a complete halt if I exceed mine!) and do a moderate amount of other exercise eg housework! It stops you from getting too stiff :) 

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