Wednesday, September 29, 2021

How to paint the Mona Lisa - a Channel 4 documentary

This is an alert to say you can see my old friend Adebanji Alade tonight on Channel 4 documentary called "How to Paint the Mona Lisa" 

  • on the More4 Channel 
  • at 9pm 
  • today (Wednesday 29th September, 2021) 

Adebanji Alade is the Vice President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) and has made a name for himself beyond art gallery exhibitions and with a wider community of television viewers in recent years through his many appearances in art related events on television - notably on the BBC.

This time he's the main man in a Channel 4 documentary about painting the Mona Lisa.  

Artist Adebanji Alade unlocks the secrets of the world's most iconic painting while making a replica using traditional methods. What will the experts think of the finished piece?

You can see him getting excited about it on his Facebook Page

Here's a 40 second preview - and it looks fascinating as he finds out about all the materials and techniques used by Leonardo da Vinci - and has a go at painting the famous painting himself.

Should be good - I'll be watching.

Below you can see another video - done for the ROI - of a his studio tour

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