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More about Van Gogh and his drawings and drawing techniques

One of my most popular posts - on a perennial basis - since I started this blog is one about Van Gogh: Drawing media and techniques which was published in February 2007 as part of one of my very first learning projects recorded on this blog.

This 'resources for artists' post summarises:
  • what the 2007 post covers
  • new information about Van Gogh's drawings, swing materials and drawing techniques made available since 2007
"Garden with Flowers" (August 1888, Arles) by Vincent Van Gogh
Reed-pen and ink, Height: 61 cm (24 in); Width: 49 cm (19.2 in)

Van Gogh: Drawing media and techniques  (2007)

In summary this post focuses on 
  • Van Gogh's drawing materials (pencil, pen and ink, prints, brush and colour) and 
  • how they influenced his techniques and style.

New Information about Van Gogh and drawing

What follows was mainly published AFTER my blog post from 2007. It's not comprehensive but provides a good overview of what's been added to resources in recent years - and that includes some of the Wikipedia information!

Cafe Terrace at Night (Sept 1888, Arles) by Vincent Van Gogh
chalk, reed pen, India ink and graphite on laid paper
Dallas Museum of Art, The Wendy and Emery Reves Collection

This post lists links to more information about Van Gogh and the way he drew
For the first three years of his career, he worked mainly as a draughtsman. A good command of drawing was traditionally considered to be an essential basis for painting, and Van Gogh cherished that principle. As a result, he became an excellent draughtsman long before his paintings started to show real promise. Van Gogh Drawings in Arles | Foundation Vincent Van Gogh Arles

This is a video of Van Gogh sketches - Vincent van Gogh: A collection of 1185 sketches (HD)

These are articles about individual works
The bold, contrasting colours of the painting are replaced by a plethora of different lines, dots and hatches. These achieve an alternative form of tonal modelling, as compelling as anything offered by pigment.

These are articles related to Van Gogh's use of Reed Pens and ink

Blogging about Van Gogh's Drawings

Generally overshadowed by the fame and familiarity of his paintings, Vincent van Gogh's more than 1,100 drawings remain comparatively unknown, although they are among his most ingenious and striking creations. Van Gogh engaged drawing and painting in a rich dialogue, which enabled him to fully realise the creative potential of both means of expression.
These 2012 blog posts- with lots of images - can be found on Art and Artists blog by Paul Webb.

Books and catalogues about Van Gogh's Drawings (2007-2021)

Vincent van Gogh concentrated on drawing at the beginning of his artistic career. In fact, for the first three years he did little else, convinced as he was that it would give him the foundation he needed to master the art of painting. As a result, his talent as a draughtsman emerged long before he became known as a painter. But drawing remained an important part of his artistic production, and the outstanding mastery demonstrated by his works on paper makes them an equal counterpart to his paintings.

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