Saturday, July 03, 2021

Saturday Sketch Club at the Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts has been running a FREE ONLINE Saturday Sketch Club for a while. I'm not sure how many people know about this (I didn't!) because there's not a lot of visits to their videos.

Below are the LINKS to the YouTube videos of various sessions. Most last an hour or thereabouts.

(NOTE: the links do NOT work on the RA website - you need to go to the links listed below)

Saturday Sketch Club: still life (10 May 2021) - still life drawing with Mark Hampson, Head of Fine Art Processes at the Royal Academy Schools.

Saturday Sketch Club: collage
(26th May 2021) - Grab any paper you have lying around (newspapers, magazines, leaflets or receipts), a pair of scissors and something sticky (an old glue stick or some tape will do).

Saturday Sketch Club: anatomy drawing (1 June 2021) - Artist Adele Wagstaff leads a session on the anatomy of the human form; from the deep landmarks of the skeletal system, to the musculature which is evident on the surface of the body. Observe the structure and movement of the body as you practice drawing the model in a series of short and long poses.

Saturday Sketch Club: botanical drawing (7 June 2021) a session on botanical drawing with Laxmi Hussain. Laxmi will introduce you to techniques involved in mark making, to discover drawing as an everyday activity. Laxmi explores minimalism in her work through continuous line and will demonstrate how to approach and use these techniques.

( I'm going to jump in here and say if you want to know more about drawing plants do take a look at the Scientific Botanical Illustration on my Botanical Art and Artists website - which also discusses What is Botanical Art?

Saturday Sketch Club: drawing as exploration
(14 June 2021) - Discover repetition and transformation in this workshop with Elinor Stanley, exploring the power of your drawing through multiple versions. Inspired by Picasso’s cut-outs, this session investigates how simple shapes can be crystallised into expressions and motifs for future

Saturday Sketch Club: experimenting with the figure
(21 June 2021) - oin artist Jake Garfield for this fun and informal life drawing session. Working directly from a clothed model, you will break drawing down to its essential ingredients. Expect to explore formal qualities including “line”, “mark-making” and “tone” through a series of short activities, before combining these different aspects over an extended pose. This practical drawing session is perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike.

Saturday Sketch Club: drawing into the abstract
(28 June 2021) - Emyr Williams for a workshop which will explore and challenge our perceptions of ‘realistic’ drawing and abstract art. Emyr will introduce us to new ways of seeing, building confidence in our drawing. 

This is the Link to ALL THE VIDEOS

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