Saturday, July 17, 2021

Lockdown Art #3 - images from the Pastel Society Exhibition

I'm looking for lockdown art at every art exhibition I'm going to at present. This has been a major event in our social history - and such events are always recorded in art.

I'm beginning to wonder if some are less obvious than others....

Here are examples I spotted at the Pastel Society exhibition - which continues at the Mall galleries until next Saturday.

Masks are an easy way of spotting #lockdownart - but they're all different - and there are two versions below - followed by a very complex graphite drawing interpreting the experience of being Covid Positive.

Face to Face by Peter Vincent PS

The first one is Face to Face by Peter Vincent PS who mostly creates landscapes in pastels. I loved this diptych of two simplified heads which focuses on the anonymity triggered by mask wearing. We only know they're a different sex because one has a bun at the back. There again chaps have bins these days too....

Face to Face by Peter Vincent
Pastel33 x 66 cm (43 x 86 cm framed) £595

Peter is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of The Pastel Society. He retired in the early 90s when computers made his skills in measured perspective drawing redundant and took up pastel drawing. he works unusually - employing a mask for shapes in his drawings.  He doesn't appear to have a website and sells through galleries - but you can see more of his work on the Mall Galleries website

I can't breathe by Neil Rogers

The next one is titled I can't breathe by Neil Rogers. His portrait focuses on one of the common complaints of those using cloth masks (I can recommend the proper medical ones with the filters which I use!)

I can't breathe by Neil Rogers
(Charcoal, 41 x 29 cm (70 x 57 cm framed, £650)

You can see a much larger version here

Coronavirus Lockdown: Positive by Stefan Tiburcio

This one was possibly the most complex, complicated and sad artwork I've seen to date. It's title is Coronavirus Lockdown: Positive by Stefan Tiburcio (graphite £4,000) - and it reminds me somewhat of Hieronymus Bosch (Netherlandish, ca. 1550–60) in terms f the focus on figures an the complexity of the intertwining - which I take to be the experience of mainly one person over a period of time.

The graphite seems to suit the subject. I think it would be too alarming in full colour!


Stefan has also got more fabulous artwork on his website in his Coronavirus Lockdown category - well worth a look. I think he may be featuring again!

Stefan has a BA (Hons) Drawing from Falmouth University [Cornwall, UK] - where he won an Outstanding Student award - and then joined The Drawing Year Diploma Course at the Royal Drawing School (The Drawing Year) [London, UK].

You can see more of his work on:

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