Saturday, August 08, 2020

Amazon Best Sellers for Landscape Painting Books should make Jeff Bezos ashamed!

Yesterday the ratings for Amazon Best Sellers for Landscape Painting Books were a COMPLETE AND UTTER JOKE.  

"Best Sellers" Book Categories are a complete joke at times and, when they are and I spot them, they will ALWAYS be called out by me!

These - I kid you not - were Amazon's Best Selling Books about LANDSCAPE PAINTING yesterday!!!!!
They include 
  • Colouring Books about Ocean Life, Beach Life and Butterfly Gardens (i.e. nothing whatsoever to do with Painting) and 
  • Bob Ross Bubblehead with Sound (I kid you not) and Bob Ross by the numbers
Talk about dumbing down!
Amazon Best Sellers Landscape Painting 070820 Best Sellers Landscape Painting 7th August 2020

This from a business where Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, is now reckoned to have a personal net worth of $192 BILLION.

Jeff Bezos should be so ashamed since his wealth is all achieved with COMPLETELY INADEQUATE QUALITY CONTROL over the categorisation systems on Amazon!

In my opinion, it's about time Amazon got round to 
  • sorting out the fact people exploit Amazon's categorisation system because - from what I can make out (i.e. I've been finding "complete abortions" like this for years when reviewing books) 
  • introducing better quality control - because there is absolutely NO QUALITY CONTROL over categorisation.
Unless they get called out - as I did yesterday on Facebook.

So this morning - less than 12 hours after I had a MAJOR RANT on Facebook about the lack of control of categories on Amazon - we now see this. Believe it or not the top 10 best sellers about landscape painting now includes books about landscape painting.

Examples include
  • Learn Watercolour Landscapes Quickly by Hazel Soan
  • Mixed Media Landscapes and Seascapes by Chris Forsey
However we still have:
  • Adult Coloring Book : Stress Relieving Designs Animals, Mandalas, Flowers, Paisley Patterns And So Much More: Coloring Book For Adults ranked as the top Best Seller!!! Best Sellers Landscape Painting 8th August 2020

All Amazon needs to do is have one category for Colouring Books for Adults which automatically categorises all colouring books into that category no matter how hard their authors or publishers try to place them in other categories. They can then have sub-categories within that.

I haven't even started on the Best Ratings....

Which currently has the Thomas Kinkade Special Collector's Edition 2019 Deluxe Wall Calendar rated as the best landscape painting book ever.


They managed to get a better handle on the fake reviews on Amazon - although in my opinion, quality control is slipping again. It's now time to get to grips with categories and STOP the gaming of the system.

All this is by way of explaining that when I've got Tips for Artists published the page devoted to The Best Landscape Painting Books - will ONLY contain Landscape Painting Books - and will include Traditional Classics and well as Contemporary Classics!

P.S. Guess who has just found her complete pdf file about "The Best Books about Landscape Painting!! and is busy completing a new page on Tips for Artists!

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