Sunday, August 02, 2020

I'm building websites in August!

This August I'm building websites for artists and will be back blogging regularly again in September. Apart from the off post here and there to say "I've finished xyz!" 

I do need sometimes to block out time to do things which keep getting postponed or bumped by the here and now.

Two NEW Websites

My BIG AIM is to see whether I can get two new websites with enough content so I can at least publish them as they have languished in draft for too long. These are:
  • Tips for Artists 
  • Fine Art Materials Guide for Artists


Basics and genres
TIPS FOR ARTISTS: Basics and Genres


Fine Art Materials Guide - for Artists
Fine Art Materials Guide - for Artists: some of the sections

PLUS Updating Existing websites with new content


I had a lovely day yesterday, getting the introduction to the Professional Practice Section of my Art Business Info for Artists website sorted.

Given the number of people currently being made redundant and hoping they can make a go of being a full-time artist I decided now is the time to get this section sorted!  I'm hoping to start a series of posts in September about things new full-time professional artists need to know about - or anybody aspiring to be one ASAP.

As a result of which content is better organised and the content also flows better on the page

So we have:
  • Professional Practice - This has content organised into three sections as follows:
    • Business HABITS for Organised and Effective Artists
    • Real Life as an Artist: Business PRACTICES
    • DEVELOPMENT: as an Artist and Manager of an Art Business
    • Please tell me what I've left out!
  • STARTING OUT: TIPS ​for an Emerging Artist
    • What you "need to know"
    • PLUS practical advice ​for working as a visual / fine artist
READ ON If you want.....
      • to be a success as an artist
      • to avoid failing as an artist
      • to be successful selling 'daily paintings'
      • to sell your art online
      • to exhibit your work
      • to be more productive
      • to be an artist as well as a parent
      • to develop your career
      • to get representation by a gallery
      • talk about the art business online
This section covers: various aspects of making a career as a professional artist - including
  • being a professional artist - definitions
  • the reality of earnings by artists
  • building a portfolio career
  • professional standards and contractual relationships
  • how to avoid legal problems & cons
  • reality checks
  • ​useful websites for learning more about the business of being an artist
PLUS on separate pages
The working lives of professional artists
The working lives of professional artists

At the end of the Professional Practice page there is a form in which YOU are invited to tell me about the things which you need to know more about or things you find challenging.
  • If I've got content covering your knowledge gaps on the website I'll point you towards it
  • Your comments will also influence the order in which I address topics.

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