Friday, August 28, 2020

NEW BLOGGER: Legacy Blogger goes away in September (Take #2)

I inadvertently deleted my blog post - this is Take #2!

This is an update - with the pros and cons of where we are up to in the change to NEW Blogger. It's also relevant to all those who read my last post in June on the change to NEW BLOGGER: Google's NEW Blogger interface does not work properly! 

In short I'm now using NEW Blogger for nearly everything - BUT
  • some major omissions have still not been remedied
  • Legacy Blogger is now scheduled to disappear in September!

I managed to accidentally delete the post before Google had cached it so this is the new shorthand version

Communication has improved 

Although only if you know where the Blogger Help Community is to find it!  

There has been NO UP DATE ON THE GOOGLE BLOGGER BLOG SINCE MAY! Despite several changes in the date the Legacy Option is going be terminated.

These are summary posts about changes made to date. There have in fact been more - which for some reason they've not recorded. 

Update on my last blog post

1. IMPOSSIBLE to upload images from my computer

Then - nobody could upload an image

NOW - uploading an image works but is a bit confusing as to which icon means what in terms of adjusting the image.

Those uploading lots or uploading images bigger than the pixel width of their blog post still seem to be having some problems. I suspect they need to change the dimensions and file size of their images.

2. IMPOSSIBLE to upload videos properly

Then - it was impossible to upload a video
NOW It's still a useless icon - because it cannot upload a YouTube Video properly
This is what it looks like if I use the video upload icon for one of my videos
  • good at identifying the right one with a few tips
  • bad at recognising its format and loading into the right format/size capsule

This is what it should look like so you can see the HUGE difference between a small 4:3 format and an appropriately sized 16:9 format embedded video.

3. OBSESSIVE USE OF ICONS rather than words

Then - large and confusing icons

NOW: still got the icons but they are smaller and also have a text explanation if you hover your cursor over the icon


4. FEEDBACK about the new interface is difficult - because it is not signalled clearly

Then - No words - just a circle with a question mark inside - has not changed.

NOW: it's exactly the same AND
  • Feedback does not work - you need to press Retry to get it to send
  • once sent, it then renders the screen (within Blogger) frozen and you have to refresh the page to carry on.
How anybody could think that having such an awful feedback system is a good idea when introducing new coding is completely beyond me - but plainly cock-ups on coding for Feedback is a Google specialty.

5. NO AUTOMATED HEADINGS eg H2, H3 H4 for Headings, Sub-Headings and Minor Headings

Then you had to know how html works to make a heading.

NOW there are range of headings in the drop down menu - which reverts to "Normal"

Headings however need an automated (and adjustable by author) spacing after the heading as it's now IMPOSSIBLE to see whether or not there is a space after the sub-heading


Then starting a new post was far from obvious.

Now it's a lot easier to see how. The location of the link to a new post has moved - AND THEY ADDED TEXT!


Then I said
Labelling posts now takes about five times longer than it used to do. It's both a timewaster and completely frustrating - because it drops labels as you save new ones.
NOW - most of the problems have been fixed. They got the message that not everybody restrains themselves to less than 10 labels.

It's a different way of labelling - but no scrolling now
  • if you start to write a label - a menu of options comes up
  • you need to tick the box to apply the label
  • saved labels can be seen at the top of the menu of labels
BUT you still cannot cut and paste labels from a similar blog post and it still takes longer than before.

8. COLOUR PROBLEMS - a very much reduced colour palette

Then I called it a defective colour palette with a much reduced number of colours.

NOW the original colour palette has been restored AND the scope to save a specific colour now works.

9. LOCATION Problems

Last time I said
They've moved functions on the dashboard and post screen without providing a clear signal
NOW: For the most part this has been fixed. Functions (eg. the link for a new post) have been returned to where everybody knows it should be.



Last time I said it was ergonomically incompetent.  

NOW icons are now much smaller and it's much easier to click several in quick succession.

Outstanding issues

  • MAJOR FAIL in terms of explaining to people simply how to access past posts. Still TOTALLY UNABLE to access past posts to edit if the post does NOT HAVE A LABEL. They just need to reinstate the current search facility which uses labels and is simple to use. I've sent feedback three times but it's been ignored
  • DELETION OF A PUBLIC POST should take two confirms not one. I accidentally deleted the previous post I wrote on this topic - thinking I was deleting an empty post rather than one that was published. It would be so simple to either
    • introduce a double delete for a PUBLISHED post
    • revert it to draft and you have to delete again to remove it 
  • A Blog author's options re the template is now disguised behind three dots. Lest anybody fiddle with the html!  I spent a long time wondering what I was going to do about the stuff which had extra meta tags and code for specific items above <body>.
  • A lot of controls are hidden or subdued. It's as if Blogger doesn't trust us with them. I needs to grow up and provide proper help links next to EVERY control.

For those continuing to have problems / not using Blogger Templates

The reason you're having problems is because of your template not Blogger. Ask the person who made your template when they are updating it for the changes in New Blogger

PS You how have no access to html!

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