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ING Discerning Eye 2019: Selected Artists

The artists whose work has been selected for the 2019 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition have been announced.

Some 150 artists were selected from over 3,000 entries. Looks like the submission process involves a very long queue!

courtesy of Fred Bennett

Ing Discerning Eye 2019 - The Exhibition

The exhibition is an exhibition of small works and will be open to the public at the Mall Galleries, The Mall London SW1 from 14 November 2019 to 24 November 2019 (10am and 5pm daily). Admission is free. ALL artworks should be for sale.

Part of the exhibition in the North Galleries - at the Mall Galleries in 2018.

See my previous blog post ING Discerning Eye 2019 - Call for Entries for more details about the submissions process and the hurdles that needed to be jumped!
It's developed a good reputation over the years and is one I have always recommended to emerging artists.
....right up until it awarded the top prize last year to one of the Judges! I hope the refereeing has been 'on point' this year! (One of selectors wins £5,000 ING Discerning Eye Prize!)

The Judges

This exhibition comprises six smaller exhibitions. The Judges will each create an individually curated exhibition. This year they are:


  • Gill Button - a"Instagram sensation" (says the Parker Harris newsletter) - a British painter and illustrator whose work, focusing on the world of fashion, has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Tatler amongst others. 1992-1995: Kingston University London, BA (hons) Illustration 1991-1992: Maidstone College of Art
  • Charlotte Hodes - studied at Brighton College of Art and then the Slade, graduating with an MA in 1984. Awarded numerous grants and prizes, including the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2006. She has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. She's also the Professor of Fine Art at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.


  • Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE - born Ian Roberts, is a British actor, playwright, director, singer and broadcaster.
  • Sir Tim Rice - has written an awful lot of lyrics for memorable songs for musicals and films!  The only Judge for this competition who has had his very own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica!
  • John Penrose - served as Chairman of the Discerning Eye from 2007–2018. Better known to some as Mr Anne Robinson - before they divorced.  Spent a lot of years and money collecting and dealing in antiques and used to have a gallery - which is now closed. Not entirely clear what criteria gets him into the 'Critics" category.
  • Louis Wise - a freelance journalist who also judges the Sunday Times Watercolour competition which seems to be a throwback to the days when he used to work for the Sunday Times. His focus is on the "Arts" rather than art.
The exhibition also includes artists invited by the Judges.

ING Discerning Eye 2019 - Exhibiting Artists

Below is the list of exhibiting artists listed alphabetically by surname. I've also included images of some of the artwork selected.

I've also ordered them according to how many artworks each artist had accepted.

I normally include a link to the artist's website but since this will take hours and hours for this number of artists, I'm putting up the list first and embedding links for the first two groyups (3 and 4 works) and those people whose names I recognise!

If people want to send me the best link to use so much the better! (via a comment on the Facebook post relating to this article)

The images come from social media.  I was actually really surprised how few were using social media to promote their success in being selected for the exhibition.

four artworks

  • Jacquie Grant - a portrait Artist working mainly in black and white, dealing with social issues such as and how we present ourselves and see others. 

three artworks

  • Barbara Ash - Artist-sculptor exploring the dynamics of childhood, female experience, and identity through sculpture, drawing and painting, based on a boat next to the Bristol Channel. Elected a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 2018. Royal College of Art, London, M.A (R.C.A) in Sculpture. (Exchange to Lisbon Art College, Portugal) Cyprus College of Art, Post-graduate sculpture course, Cyprus. Middlesex University, London. B.A (Hons) Degree in Fine Art
  • Louisa Crispin - captures the details of nature on beautiful smooth Strathmore bristol board using ultra sharp pencils.
Three drawings in graphite by Louisa Crispin

Wistful', oil and cold wax, 24 x 24cm by Julie Cross

'Winter Work', 34 x 28cm, oil and cold wax on wood - by Julie Cross
  • Julie Cross - a multi award-winning artist living in Yorkshire, who now focuses on figurative, expressionist work (see above)
  • Elisha Enfield - Born 1989, Elisha is a London based Artist and Film-maker. She graduated in 2011 from the University of Brighton with First Class Honours where she was selected for the Affordable Art Fair Graduate Showcase and secured a studio at APEC. In 2013 she completed a qualification in Art Direction for TV and Film at Brighton Film School, for which she received the Berg Art Direction Bursary. Now working freelance, she continues to exhibit regularly across London and the UK.
  • Allan Martin - Sky Arts Landscape Painter of the Year 2018 Finalist. Born in Scotland in 1956. In 1978, left Glasgow School of Art with a Diploma of Art: Printed Textiles and a traveling scholarship. Worked as a graphic designer and moved to London in 1981. Had illustration and design clients in the music world. Also worked as a decorative paint specialist. Gave up his career as a graphic designer 8 years ago to dedicate himself to being a professional painter. He's been selling paintings all over the world following his appearance in the programme.
I am drawn to creating images which have simplicity, to achieve a sense of reality not a direct translation, to include a shift, something present which is not fully explained or known. Allan Martin
  • Elizabeth R Meek MBE. HPRMS. PPSWA. FRSA - President of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers (2005-2013 and 2019 - present)and Former President of the Society of Women Artists.
  • Giles Winter - born in 1947 in Gravesend, Kent, but educated and 'artschooled' in Cheltenham
  • Hamish Young - born in 1972 Rotherham, UK. Studied BA Sculpture at Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education and MA(RCA) Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. He is an experienced teacher and education leader. He lives and works in Portishead, Bristol.

two artworks

  • Victoria Atkinson - previous exhibitor (2017) who completed sculpture degree late 80s (City and Guilds of London Art School). She has completed several commissioned bronze portraits and exhibited in the UK and overseas. Group exhibitions include: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; Society of Portrait Sculptors FACE; Affordable Art Fair, Battersea; Royal Society of British Artists; The Towner, Eastbourne; Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. (Facebook | Instagram
  • Susan Barnes
  • Tim Benson - President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters
  • Anita Bryan
  • Julia Burnett
  • Carole Bury
  • Anne Marie Butlin
  • Judy Clarkson
  • Francesco Conti
  • Cathy Cooper
  • Nadav Drukker 
  • Christine Duffin 
  • Felicity Dunbar 
  • Mark Entwisle - also selected for the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2019 
  • Pippa Gatty 
  • Yvonne Barbara Gemmell 
  • Oona Hassim 
  • Aude Hérail Jäger 
  • Joseph Hillier 
  • Christopher Knox 
  • Joanie B Lam
  • Janet Lynch 
  • Mick McNicholas - Originally from Liverpool, with an MA in Digital Media and a career as a digital artist, Mick is largely self-taught with regards to the traditional methods of Fine Art. His philosophy is very simple; when it comes to drawing, the more you do, the more you see, the more you see, the more you're able to do!
  • Kate Newington 
  • Stephen Palmer 
  • Bronwin Paterson 
  • Diana Piesley 
  • Nicole Price 
  • Rita Sarafian
  • Behzad Sharouz
  • Luke Shaw-Laurence 
  • Annabel Tilley 
  • Shelly Tregoning 
  • Sheila Wallis - won the 2nd Threadneedle Prize (when it was still down to the people's vote - remember that?)- see Sheila Wallis wins £25,000 Threadneedle Prize
Poor Creature by Sheila Wallis
5.5 x 10''. Oil on wood panel.

one artwork 

  • Lynne Abrahamson 
  • Pam Aldridge 
  • Darren Ball
  • Patricia Barker 
  • Sarah Barker Brown
  • Deborah Batt - her work work embodies both the abstract and representational and comes originally from the idea of community. The towns and structures we build and the way we shape and neglect the natural and urbanised landscape. Strong track record of being selected for art competitions.

  • Eleanor Bartlett
  • Dawn Beckles
  • Sarah Jane Bellwood
  • Jenny Blanchard
  • Celine Bodin
  • Paul Bonomini
  • Isla Brittain
  • Bethe Bronson
  • Fay Brown
  • Christie Burdock
  • Corinna Button

  • Andrew Holmes
  • Barbara Hoogeweegen
  • Davina Jackson
  • Andrew Jenkin
  • Frederick Jones
  • Catherine Knight
  • John Knights
  • Clare Kuznik
  • Thomas Lamb
  • Ricky Leaver
  • Katherine Leeds
  • Rebecca Lisle
  • Hamish Macaulay - a London based printmaker and painter whose work consistently features landscapes, seascapes or horizons.  Grew up in New Zealand but now lives in the UK and spent over 25 years working for a number of top design and advertising agencies in both NZ and London after training as a graphic designer. Now a full time artist - and has done 13 exhibitions to date in 2019!

  • Bethany Marett
  • Lucy Marks
  • Agata di Masternack
  • Martin McAloon
  • Melanie Miller
  • Zelga S Miller
  • Jane Morgan
  • Rebecca Moss Guyver - Last year, Rebecca was one of two New English Art Club Drawing Scholars. She's has a pastel on altered book pages selected for the exhibition.
  • Alice Motte-Muñoz
  • Philip Munoz
  • Sue Nabin
  • Adam Newton
  • Jad Oakes
  • Grace O'Connor
  • Stefan John Orlowski
  • Roy Osbourne
  • Clare Packer
  • Edmond Palao

    • Jinyoung Park 
    • Clare Pentlow
    • Ewa Podel
    • Susan Preston
    • Krystyna Potoczna-Rogerson
    • Michael Rapanakis
    • Lisa V Robinson - Lisa studied at Manchester School of Art gaining First Class Honours in BA Fine Art Painting. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Lisa currently works in Studio A7, Westgate Studios, Wakefield. Her painting style fuses both abstract and representational elements.
    • Marie Robinson
    • Shelley Rose
    • Anastasia Russa
    • Andrea Santi
    • Christopher Sayers
    • Gail Seres-Woolfson
    • Patrick Shart
    • Rachel Shaw Ashton
    • Kate Sherman 
    • Sharon Smart 
    • Linda Smith
    • Lucy Smith
    • Stanley Smithson
    • Elaine Spears
    • Sarah Victoria Spence
    • Willow Stacey
    • Dee Stanford
    • Helen Stone
    • David Storey
    • David Symonds 
    • A Lincoln Taber
    • The DnA Factory MRSS 
    • Caroline Thompson
    • Julia Thompson
    • Patrcia Thornton
    • Delia Tournay-Godfrey
    • Simon Trewin
    • Anna Turner
    • San Van Strien
    • Rosalie Watkins
    • Matthew Webber

    • Kate Wilson
    • Robbie Wraith - left school at 16, and went to Italy to study painting drawing and fresco with Pietro Annigoni. Since then he has had thirty three one-man exhibitions in Britain, Europe, China and the USA. He has work in the collection of HM The Queen as well as more than 40 pictures in the private collection of HRH The Prince of Wales, and also in the Royal Collection Windsor, The Vatican, Chatsworth, The National Trust,The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Eton College, The MCC, Shell International, Blarney Castle, Fondazione Fremantle Florence, Hoares Bank, – and many others.
    • Peter Wylie - paints urban architecture
    • Pippa Young

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