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Exhibiting Artists - ING Discerning Eye 2017

The artists whose work has been selected for the 2017 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition have been announced.

Ing Discerning Eye 2017 - The Exhibition

The exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday 16 November – Sunday 26 November, between 10am and 5pm daily at the Mall Galleries, The Mall London SW1. Admission will be free and all the works will be for sale.

See my previous blog post ING Discerning Eye 2017 - Call for Entries for more details about the submissions process and the hurdles that needed to be jumped!

ING Discerning Eye - Exhibiting Artists

Below is the list of exhibiting artists listed alphabetically by surname. I've also included images of some of the artwork selected.

I normally include a link to the artist's website but since this will take hours and hours for this number of artists, I'm putting up the list first and embedding links in an artist's name to his or her website later when I have the time. The names I recognise will be done first!

If people want to send me the best link to use so much the better!


  • Max Angus SWLA - member and Treasurer of the Society of Wildlife Artists; produces wonderful linocut prints of wildlife - wonderful work!
  • Alexander Appleby
  • Victoria Atkinson - Victoria is a sculptor who has had two small bronzes selected for the show and you can also find her at Instagram: v.atkinsonsculptor and Facebook: VictoriaAtkinsonSculptor
"Miss Jones" by Victoria Atkinson
bronze, 22 x 11cm
(based on a Secretary Bird)
  • Caroline Attan
  • Deborah Azzopardi

  • Laura Bodo Lajber
  • Nicholas Borden
  • Neil Bousfield
  • Louisa Boyd - Louisa was also selected for the The John Ruskin Prize Exhibition, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, UK (2017)
'Parallax' a collage by Louisa Boyd
  • Ella Breese
  • Louise Bristow
  • Maisie Broadhead
  • Arabella Brooke
  • Lucinda Burgess


  • Emily Carrington Freeman
  • Andrew Carter
  • Cain Caser
  • Frances Chapman
  • George Christie
  • Peter Clossick
  • Lara Cobden
  • Rachel Cohen
  • Austin Cole - I love his etchings
  • Melanie Comber
  • Emma Critchley
  • Julie Cross
  • Jeanne Crosse
  • Mark Croxford
  • Amanda Curbishley
  • Serena Curmi


  • Helen Davison
  • Graham Dean
  • Jill Desborough - sculptor and printmaker; I'm particularly pleased about this one! ;)
  • Emma Dolphin
  • Camilla Dowse - who was also selected for the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2017
  • Sarah Durham


I’m thrilled to be in the running for the bursary and I’m also very much looking forward to having people see my work in the flesh. Photographs and scans give an impression of what they look like but they can’t convey the subtleties of the combination of the metallic traces and the scratches on the gesso surfaces.
  • Sherry Edmondson
  • Michael Edser
  • Mark Entwisle
  • Rose Eva
  • Stig Evans
  • Diana Evers


  • Janet Fletcher
  • Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf
  • Nathan Ford - a master of understatement on canvas; Visitors Choice 2nd Prize, BP Portrait award 2011 and a winner of a number of awards
  • Laura Ford
  • Jaana Fowler
  • Tim Fowler

  • Henry Fraser
  • Jill Frost
  • Funnytummy
  • Cameron Galt
  • Michael Garaway
  • Rick Garland
  • Andrew Gifford
  • Mark Gisbourne

Sapphire and Umber by Leila GoddenAcrylic, 42cm wide x 32cm high
  • Tim Goffe
  • Steph Goodger
  • Gary Goodman
  • Jacqui Grant
  • Deborah Grice
  • Carne Griffiths
  • Lana Guerra
  • Hugo Guinness
  • Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva
  • Tom Hammick
  • Elizabeth Hannaford
  • David Harkins
  • Alexandra Harley
  • Kirsty Harris
  • Emma Hartley
  • Matthew Hawkins
  • Peter Haycroft
  • Joy Hillyer
  • Michelle Hobbs

  • K Hoggins
  • Andrew Holmes
  • Kaori Homma
  • Sarah Hope
  • Amanda Hopkins
  • Andrew Horrod
  • Felicity House PS - uses soft pastels and one of my favourite artists
  • Henrietta Hoyer Millar
  • CB Hoyo
  • Linda Hubbard
  • Jackie Hughes
  • Julia Hutton


  • Sally Ibbett
  • Brian Innes


  • Andrzej Jackowski
  • Michèle Jaffé-Pearce
  • Stephen Jeffrey
  • Hamley Jenkins
  • Eliza John
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Frederick Jones
  • Lesley Jones


  • K-tee
  • Olga Kapitanska-Miekus
  • Gareth Kemp
  • John Knights
  • Cathryn Kuhfeld


  • Jo Lamb
  • John Larkin
  • Ffiona Lewis
  • Pamela Lloyd-Jones
  • Sam Lock
  • Ingrid Lucas
  • Janet Lynch


  • Allan MacDonald
  • Alex Maczkowski
  • Melissa Mahon
  • Gail Mallatratt
  • Lucy Marks - Lucy lives between south west London - near the river - and West Sussex - near the beach.
'High Tide' By Lucy Marks
Waterbased Media, 25cm x 20cm
  • Sophie Marsham
  • Joanne Masding
  • Paul McGowan
  • Ben McLaughlin
  • Elizabeth Meek - Past President of both the Society of Women Artists and the Royal Miniature Society.
  • Kris Mercer
  • Nicholas Middleton
  • Jane Millar
  • Janet Milner
  • Lucile Montague
  • Kate Montgomery
  • Jane Morgan
  • George Morton Clark
  • Barbara Mullarney
  • Benjamin Murphy
  • My Dog Sighs
  • James Mylne

  • Dave Nelson
  • Janine Nelson
  • Julie Nelson
  • Kate Newington
  • Simon Nicholas

  • Kim L Pace
  • Ana Maria Pacheco
  • U M C Packer
  • Edmund Palao
  • Patrick Palmer
  • Stephen Palmer
  • Stephen Parkinson
  • Jakub Pasierkiewicz
  • Hildegard Pax
  • Steve Pill - very odd, this is somebody I've got down as a selector
  • Simon Plum
  • Jonathan Polkest
  • Nicole Price
  • Dameon Priestly
  • Natalie Pymm
  • Ray Rankine
  • Michael Rapanakis
  • Elizabeth Rayney
  • Paul Regan
  • Paula Rego
  • Alex Rennie
  • Catherine Robinson
  • Ian Robinson
  • Marie Robinson
  • Jo Rollnick
  • Shelley Rose
  • Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
  • Remi Rough
  • Iona Rowland
  • Jen Rowlands
  • Henry Rowsell


  • Andrew Sabin
  • Dion Salvador Lloyd 
  • David Scott Moore
  • Gail Seres-Woolfson
  • Behzad Sharouz
  • Patrick Shart
  • Mark Sheeky
  • Patrick Simkins
  • Michael Smee
  • Angela Smith
  • Paul Smith
  • Claire Sparkes - I'm pretty sure I met Claire at the RI Exhibition earlier this year where she won an award
  • Ruth Stage - paints in egg tempera and I love her paintings. Also a member of NEAC and won Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize in 2013
  • Nicola Steel
  • Mason Storm
  • A Lincoln Taber
  • Ellie Tate
  • Carole Tate
  • Celina Teague
  • Hanna ten Doornkaat - Hanna has exhibited extensively and internationally
LfA 0400/2017 By Hanna den Doornkaat
graphite pencil, gesso, acrylic, size: 25 cm x 20 cm
  • Patricia Thornton
  • Justine Lois Thorpe
  • Yanko Tihov
  • Deborah Timperley
  • Delia Tournay-Godfrey
  • Polly Townsend
  • Aude Van Ryn
  • Anja von Kalinowski
  • Jane Wachman
  • Carol Wagstaff
  • Russell Webb
  • Deborah Westmancoat
  • Richard Whadcock
  • Ann Whitehead
  • Peter Wileman FROI RSMA FRSA

Susan Angharad Williams - a previous winner of the main prize in 2007; see post below and Susan Angharad Williams exhibits at ING
Fionn Wilson
Helen Wilson
Kirsty Wither
Emma Witter

  • Robbie Wraith RP - portrait painter who studied with Annigoni
  • Peter Wylie


  • Ellie Young
  • Carole Young


  • Carlos Zapata
  • Zeus
  • Eleni Zevgaridou MRBS


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