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Call for Entries: ING Discerning Eye 2018

This is about the Call for Entries for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2018 at the Mall Galleries in November.  

Below you can find:
  • information about the exhibition
  • a summary of information about prizes
  • a note about the judges - with links to their websites (or other information about them)
  • Call for Entries - How to Enter:
    • a summary of the information for artists e.g. who can enter what etc.
    • information about the deadlines and dates and where to find information about regional collection points
    • links to websites and my blog posts showing images of the art selected and hung in past exhibitions for those unfamiliar with this art competition.
The exhibition is open to the public from Thursday 15 November until Sunday 25 November, between 10am and 5pm daily, at the Mall Galleries. Admission is free - and it's certainly an exhibition that I recommend people going to see.

This art competition and open exhibition is promoted by the Discerning Eye which is a charity promoting visual art and sponsored by ING.

(Images are from last year's exhibition).

About this exhibition

The ING Discerning Eye Exhibition is a show of small works independently selected by six prominent figures from different areas of the art world: two artists, two collectors and two critics

What makes this open exhibition different?

The exhibition is unusual for a number of reasons
  • The exhibition is large (c.600 artworks) but the artworks are all SMALL 
  • There is no selection committee; in order to get selected you only have to please one selector
  • Each of the six invited curators - two artists, two art collectors and two art critics - operates independently of the other curators and compete with them for artwork submitted via the open entry
  • The exhibition comprises six small and diverse exhibitions - one for each selector/curator 
  • Each small exhibition (of c.100+ works) represents the individual interests, taste and style of that individual curator
  • Some of the artwork exhibited will be by artists the curator likes and has invited to be part of their exhibition - hence the open entry is smaller than 600 pieces. If a selector leans very heavily towards artists they know/favour and have invited to exhibit (as has happened on occasion in the past eg one educator selected all her students!) then this disadvantages the open entry.

What's the same

  • Drawings, paintings, fine art prints and sculpture are exhibited
  • It's an opportunity for works by lesser-known artists to be hung alongside contributions from better known artists.
  • All works are for sale.


The 2018 exhibition prizes total over £10,000 and are:
  • ING Purchase Prize - £5,000 
  • DE Founder's Purchase Prize - £2,500 in honour of Michael Reynolds 
  • DE Chairman's Purchase Prize - £1,000 
  • Meynell Fenton Prize - £1,000 
  • Humphreys Purchase Prize - £750 
  • Wright Purchase Prize - £500 
  • DE Sculpture and 3D Work Prize - £250 
  • St Cuthberts Mill Award – £200 worth of paper 
  • Regional Prizes of £250 each awarded to outstanding entries from the regions

The 2018 selectors/curators

Some are excellent choices - while others are "interesting" choices.... See if you agree!


  • Bridget McCrum RWA FRBS - Began to sculpt in her 40s inspired by travels and then later by the birds circling above her homes in Devon and Gozo. Primarily a stone carver but also works in stone and bronze, is in collections worldwide and features in some National Trust gardens (and a very long time ago I sat in her garden - which is beautiful - and sketched!)
  • Sadie Clayton - BA Honors Fashion Design (Kingston University 2013). Her work with copper metal led to her work being shown at both Tate Britain and Tate Modern and featured in Vogue (UK), Harpers Bazaar (US) and other major publications. 


  • Nick Ross - Was one of Britain’s best-known broadcasters for 30+ years. He was involved in launching the BBC’s Breakfast TV, Watchdog and Crimewatch programmes. Currently an international conference chair/moderator; member of a number of Panels, Committees and Working Groups, patron of a number of national charities, a non-executive director of Imperial NHS Healthcare Trust, and a high profile campaigner to cut UK road deaths, promote community safety, and encourage bioethics.
  • John Benjamin Hickey - a US actor (stage/television/film). In the UK he is widely known for his role as Neil Gross in the TV series The Good Wife and The Good Fight (2011-17).


  • Cherie Federico - From New York. Studied in UK then founded Aesthetica - an art and culture magazine. Also the Director of the BAFTA recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival.
  • Frances Hedges - Editor of the journal of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA) before moving on to work for Elle Decoration (UK) then a number of other publications. Currently a contributing arts writer for Town & Country and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

Call for Entries

The really important information is highlighted in red below.

The open submission for artists is now under way. UK-based artists working in any medium can submit up to six works for our annual exhibition this November. Your work must be for sale and it must be less than 20 inches (50cm) in its greatest dimension. You have 64 days to finish your work and get it to us by the last entry date !Full details can be found on our Information For Artists page.

The 2018 Discerning Eye Exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday 15 November to Sunday 25 November 2018. It will be open every day from 10am to 5pm, admission will be FREE and all works will be for sale.

Who can enter?

  • ONLY artists who are currently RESIDENT in the UK.

What kind of artwork is eligible?

  • Up to six works can be submitted for competition.
  • all artwork must be an original creation by the artist. This usually means THAT 
    • the work has not been copied from another artwork or photograph. 
    • the artist must be able to assert copyright (i.e. the work is not derivative)
  • Painting, prints, drawing, photography and sculpture are all accepted. 
  • Maximum size limit: 20 inches / 50 cms INCLUDING THE FRAME. 
    • (3D – 20” x 20” x 20” (50 x 50 x 50 cm) including base/stand). 
    • Works exceeding these dimension in any direction will be rejected. 
  • All works must be for sale. This is essential / not optional. 

What sort of framing is acceptable?

There are very specific requirements as to framing and presentation for hanging. Don't let your work get rejected because you didn't read the small print!

Frames and mounts of unusual colour, size or design may prejudice the selectors’ judgement.

What does it cost?

  • Entry fees are £15 per work - payable when works are delivered. 
  • However you can reduce or eliminate this by 
  • PLUS a transport fee of £8 per work if you use a regional collection point
  • PLUS Commission is charged at 40% + VAT. Price entered on the entry form is the catalogue selling price from which commission and VAT payable is deducted.
The Discerning Eye is a non-profit making organisation and any monies received go towards the next exhibition. Any sales effected by The Discerning Eye will have priority over a sale effected by the artist.

How to enter

  • Deadline for entries is Saturday 8th September 2018. There are earlier deadlines for those wanting to submit their work via a regional entry. 
  • Paperwork: Download the documentation for entries that you need directly using these links:
  • Complete and sign the entry schedule - making sure each copy is legible (in doing so you accept all the terms and conditions of the competition)
  • Label each work LEGIBLY in block capitals and attach to work. Include your regional area to become eligible for a regional prize

Digital registration

  • Register and pay online to reduce your entry fee. This is NOT for digital selection purposes.
  • Provide a digital image of each work. This is NOT for selection purposes - rather it's for inclusion in the online catalogue. 
  • Note that you can still hand in or hand in more works even if you have not registered them

How to deliver

  • All 2D works should be delivered unwrapped, although corner and edge protection on paintings is permissible. Frames must be able to accept a small screw or nail in the back for hanging purposes. Mirror plates will be supplied by the organisers.
  • 3D work should be sent in sturdy cardboard boxes. Do NOT bind wrapping materials with tape or string. 
  • Make sure your work is insured (see Insurance for Artists
  • Take your labelled artwork and entry schedule to 
    • a regional collection point 
    • or 17 Carlton House Terrace by the deadline for that location. 
  • You can submit direct to the Mall Galleries on 7th OR 8th September 2018 (hours vary) 
  • Alternatively use the Submission by Post service at a cost £8 (inclusive of VAT) per work. Various dates for various places around England, Scotland and Wales between 24 August and 1 September including: 
    • England: Berwick-Upon-Tweed; Birmingham; Bristol; Doncaster; Exeter; Kendal; Manchester; Newcastle; Norwich; Penzance; Plymouth; 
    • Scotland: Edinburgh; Errol, near Perth/Dundee; Glasgow, Stirling 
    • Wales: Cardiff; 

For further details or any queries please contact Parker Harris
  • Entry forms and further details are available from: www.parkerharris.co.uk
  • on 01372 462190 
  • or de@parkerharris.co.uk 
  • or Parker Harris, 15 Church Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 8QS

More about the ING Discerning Eye

The Discerning Eye website maintains an archive of:

The following are all posts about the ING Discerning Eye competition/exhibition on Making A Mark over the last 11 years.

Discerning Eye (1990-2016) - which artists have shown the most?



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