Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Art Postcard

Art Postcards in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Today I went to Cambridge to meet this afternoon with the Assistant Keeper, Paintings, Drawings and Prints at the Fitzwilliam Museum (and have a very enjoyable afternoon looking at botanical watercolours!)

However during lunch in the cafe I was staring over the shoulder of my other half at the display of art postcards (see above).

It very much reminded me of how my early forays into art history were very much stimulated by regular trips to the bookshops of Cambridge while a student there. My leisure time on Saturday afternoon involved spending ages picking my next art postcards for the progression of art which was slowly wending its way across the wall of my room in college.

Coming home along the M11, I wondered why more artists don't produce art postcards of their own to sell to those who like their art. After all from small acorns giant oak trees grow - and I guess there's more than a few collectors who started collecting art by collecting art postcards.

Next week I'll be spending 2.5 days at the RHS Botanical Art Show at the Horticultural Halls in Westminster and I can guarantee that:
  • I'll be spending cash on the botanical art postcards I like the best
  • the botanical artists with the most popular art cards will have sold out long before the end of the exhibition - and will tell me how they wish they'd made more as they could have sold their entire stock twice over.
I know we are overwhelmed by the availability of images online - but it's also really nice to see reminders of the art we like best on our walls - in postcard form. Plus it offers endless joy in rearranging the collection! ;)

I wonder how many artists
  • think about those who would be more than happy to buy a postcard of their art?
  • deliberately produce art at postcard size
Do you make postcards of your art to sell to your fans - who may one day become your future collectors?


  1. I love art postcards. I pick them up and change the display in a small frame to remind me of the joy and beauty of good work. Love this thread in my reader feed. Thanks.

  2. I have had notecards printed of my art work - but postcards! Great idea. Don't know why I didn't think of this, especially since I too like to collect art postcards. Thanks for mentioning this.

  3. I have produced cards of my work for over 20 years, most artists I know do that also. I sell them at a few outlets and mostly at art fairs. Tim Rose.

  4. I make cards of my paintings, print the image as a photograph and mount it up on a blank greetings card. people do frame them.

  5. I love art postcards but don't most people prefer to do everything on-line? I thought Post cards as a marketing device would be considered old fashioned. I think you have inspired me to look at putting my work on postcards again. Thank you!



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