Monday, July 16, 2018

Mackintosh: Glasgow’s neglected genius - revisited and updated

A month ago today, when the interior of the Glasgow School of Art burned down to the ground on 16 June 2018 (see ANOTHER Major Fire at Rennie Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art and VIDEO: An Appreciation of Glasgow School of Art), it came in the midst of all sorts of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Mackintosh's birth.

For example:

The first half of the Mackintosh Building at the Glasgow School of Art
(image from the programme)
....but the third act has still to come....

I watched the programme on iPlayer as I wrote blog posts about the fire - and the first version was an excellent programme.

Following the fire, a decision was made by the BBC to revisit the programme and update it within the context of the fire

‘Mackintosh: Glasgow’s neglected genius has been revisited - including a visit to the burned out shell of the Mackintosh building at the Glasgow School of Art - and filmed the ruins - and then re-edited the programme to take account of the fire.
The film examines Mackintosh's iconic buildings, notably the Glasgow School of Art. Interwoven with his architecture, design and watercolours is the personal story of Mackintosh.
...and so tonight, on BBC4, the revised version is being broadcast this evening at 10pm - and I recommend all Mackintosh fans make a point of watching/recording it. I'll certainly be watching it again.

Take Two - ‘Mackintosh: Glasgow’s neglected genius'

Below you can also find out more about:
  • Mackintosh 150
  • the rebuilding of the Mackintosh Building

More about Mackintosh 150

There have been various events in the key events in the city-wide Mackintosh 2018 programme.
Below you can find out more about the 150th anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The Rebuilding of the Mackintosh Building

with an alternative perspective Artist John Byrne says Glasgow School of Art ‘died of shame’ and had ‘lost its soul’ before being destroyed by fire

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  1. SUNDAY POST comment in response to John Burn article...Re GSA.15th July 2018

    It can and should be rebuilt .( a similar fate affected the newly renovated, Cutty Sark, but work continued in spite of this),.sourcing old, authentic materials as far as is possible and this time, incorporating a sophisticated sprinkler system, hidden cameras and a resident caretaker. No mention here of how this fire was started.....but I feel it is likely to be deliberate and we cannot allow the perpetrator to have got away with it. John Burns has made some sweeping statements, re the quality of teaching. There is room for all sorts of Art in the world and the solution would be to inaugurate a Drawing School on the site, dedicated to the practice (similar to the Princes drawing school in London)...this should ensure that this spark of Mackintosh is never extinguished. ....pardon the pun...



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