Monday, June 18, 2018

VIDEO: An Appreciation of Glasgow School of Art

There have been a number of responses on social media to the tragic and devastating fire at the Glasgow School of Art.

Christopher Pitbladdo has put together a wonderful video of film about the Glasgow School of Art - in the past and during the recent renovation. It's probably the most coherent footage about the design, structure and interior of the GSA that exists - and it needs to be shared

As he says (on Saturday 16th June 2018)
I've been talking today with people who didn't know the #GSA very well, particularly the inside of the library. So I've thrown together a quick sequence of Mackintosh's building at its very best.
A short while ago, I was lucky enough to edit a documentary about Charles Rennie Mackintosh. When news filtered through of another fire in his masterpiece - the GSA - I quickly edited this collection of shots together as a memory of the building.

An Appreciation of Glasgow School of Art from Christopher Pitbladdo on Vimeo.

The documentary which he references was highlighted in yesterday's post Lachlan Goudie on Charles Rennie Mackintosh - on iPlayer.

Further comments on the fire

A spokesperson for the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association said it was understood that automatic fire sprinklers had not been fully fitted as the building was still undergoing refurbishment from the 2014 fire.“However, it should be realised that sprinklers can be fitted in buildings throughout construction on a temporary basis, as there is a considerable risk from fire during this period,” the association added.
This all makes it sound like it is a real person who has died, and in a strange way that’s not far off. The sheer idiosyncrasy of the building, Mackintosh’s care and attention to detail, and its rich intellectual subtexts and simple vital presence gave it more personality – its own and its creator’s – than almost any building I’ve ever experienced.

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