Friday, March 10, 2017

Ash to Art - over £500k raised for Glasgow School of Art Fire Appeal

25 major international artists were each sent debris from the remains of the fire at the Glasgow School of Art and asked to make art for the Ash to Art Auction
Each artist was sent a piece of debris specifically chosen for them with a note telling them what it was, where it was from and explaining the concept. The brief was left open for each artist to interpret what they received and create their own new piece of art.
On Wednesday, a Christies auction of the resulting artworks (as part of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sale) by 25 of the world’s leading international artists use raised

  • a grand total of £706,438, including buyer’s premium, 
  • almost £570,000 NET will actually go to the campaign Ash to Art campaign run  by J Walter Thompson, on a pro bono basis, on behalf of the Glasgow School of Art's restoration programme.

Jenny Saville’s charcoal on canvas called “Ashes” went for £269,000 and realised the most money for an individual piece of art.

Jenny Saville (b. 1970)
Ashes - sold for $269,000 / £220,000
signed and dated twice 'Saville 15-16' (lower left)
charcoal from Mackintosh Library on canvas
51 ¼ x 63in. (130 x 160cm.)
Executed in 2016-2017

Artists chosen by J. Walter Thompson London, and including seven Turner Prize winners, come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to create a distinctive body of work, reflecting the international importance and influence of the Mackintosh Building on those who studied there and further afield. Christies
The full list of artists who participated in the auction are:
  • Alison Watt -  Scottish painter Glasgow School of Art (1985-1988)

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