Friday, March 31, 2017

Henry Moore's Old Flo to move to Canary Wharf

“Old Flo” will, in future, be hosted in Cabot Square in Canary Wharf. 

Henry Moore’s bronze sculpture Draped Seated Woman known in the East End as Old Flo is at last to return to London from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where she went 'on holiday' in 1997 (for safe-keeping) and has admired the view and the sheep for the last 20 years since the wind-up of the Greater London Council's Residary Body.

Tower Hamlets Council this week announced the outcome of the process used to decide where the sculpture should go when it comes back to London.

Draped Seated Woman aka "Old Flo" in Yorkshire Sculpture Park
photography courtesy of John Reynolds - Some rights reserved

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As predicted in my last blog post - the ONLY sane option, in terms of a security blanket, at present is Canary Wharf.
There are - or should be - a minimum of two criteria for a new location for the sculpture:
  • Moore's conditions of sale
  • where the sculpture can be located and be safe from both vandalism and theft
In terms of safety, there's probably no question that the safest place which is accessible to the population of Tower Hamlets is probably what is now the private estate at Canary Wharf. It has its own security force which is active and vigilant. Nowhere else in the borough - with the possible exception of the Tower of London enjoys the same degree of security.

The threat of meltdown

The major consideration had to be the potential theft of the statue for its metal value.

The threat was not insignificant. It's a fate suffered by other Henry Moore Sculptures that have been "lifted" and stolen for their value as metal not art. Below are accounts of other bronze sculptures which have been stolen and melted down

Finding a new location

Tower Hamlets Council's statement says
Three organisations put in bids to provide a home to the valuable artwork, for up to five years.

Following a detailed and independent scoring process, including representatives of the Henry Moore Foundation, it was agreed that Canary Wharf Group had set out the best plans to make Old Flo accessible to residents whilst ensuring the security of the renowned sculpture, amid fears that it could be stolen for its bronze metal value.

Without a high level of security the sculpture would not have been possible to insure.
However this might not be her last resting place.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets indicates that she may be on the move again.
“Whilst I would have loved to see Old Flo returned to her old home in Stepney her considerable value means we’ve had to find her a safe and secure home for her for the next five years. My hope is after that she can move even closer into our community, possibly at the new Civic Centre in Whitechapel when it is complete. In the meantime Canary Wharf will be a great and accessible home for Old Flo allowing her to once again add to Tower Hamlets’ already enviable reputation as a creative and cultural borough.”
I'll just be glad to see her back in the borough!

For those wondering where Cabot Square is see the red marker sign on the map below.  It's a hop skip and a jump from the nice security men who are stationed at the roundabout monitoring coming and goings of all vehicles entering the estate.

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